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  • 2 Gravel Hill Rd Englishtown, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County
    there are currently stop signs on the Gravel Hill sides to cross Rt 537. People don't stop or they try to cross 537 when cars are going very fast. Accidents are happening with alarming frequency.
  • Topanemus Lake Rd NJ - Monmouth County
    Lake Topanemus is dying. It is too shallow and most of the year is covered with a slime. It needs to be dredged .
  • 43-69 Wemrock Rd Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Monmouth County
    The assumed speed limit on Wemrock road from CR 522 to Gulley Road is 50 mph, or so we think. However, speed limit signs should be installed along this stretch of Wemrock Rd. Even if 50 is the default speed limit, it is still a bit fast for such a narrow road. The speed limit should be 45, due to the farms and animal crossings. Once Wemrock Road reaches the Gulley Road intersection, there is a sign that reads "Reduced Speed Ahead", which is a bit confusing because there were no prior speed limit signs! From here, there are signs that say 35 MPH. They should install speed limit signs where needed.
  • 212 Monmouth Rd/Elton Adelphia Road Freehold, NJ - Monmouth County
    At the corner of Elton-Adelphia Road (CR 524) and Monmouth Road (CR 537), this intersection is at an obscure 30 degree angle, with heavy traffic on Route 537, especially at rush hour. It is very difficult to make a left from Route 524 onto 537 westbound. There is also little to no room to make a right hand turn. There is a piece of land that could be cleared for a ramp for right turns only. In addition, two major county roads intersecting each other at a very busy corner, that will just keep getting busier with increased population and traffic will eventually lead to more accidents at this intersection. The Monmouth County Engineering department should be aware that this corner is in need of a traffic signal, or at least to study for one. I have witnessed several near miss accidents in one week.
  • Bar Harbor And 524 - West Freehold
    A traffic light is needed at the corner of Bar Harbor and Route 524. It is a very dangerous intersection because no one knows who should go first. There have been accidents and many near miss accidents there.
  • Intersection Of Bar Harbor And 524 - West Freehold
    A traffic light is needed at the corner of Bar Harbor and Route 524. It is a very dangerous intersection because no one knows who should go first. There have been accidents and many near miss accidents there.
  • 214 Woodcrest Dr Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - West Freehold
    People use Woodcrest Drive as a cut through sometimes to get to Iron bridge Road or Shanck Road coming from Iron bridge and try to speed. Is there anything we can do to stop there. I was even thinking of not allowing through traffic from Shanck road. Does anyone agree with this?
  • Please help! Archived
    38 Weaverville Road Freehold Township, New Jersey - Monmouth County

    Janice is a cancer patient who recently underwent her 5th surgery. She can barely stand for more than 5 minutes and definitely cannot shovel her property. Her husband is stuck at work in Burlington County and I am stuck home with 3 young children. My husband would happily take care of it for her, but he is a county worker out plowing since last night. If anyone can provide assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • 11-85 New Jersey 33 Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - West Freehold
    Damage both front tires
  • Pot Holes Archived
    1198-1200 U.S. 9 Howell, NJ 07731, USA - Monmouth County
  • Hudson And Bennett - Freehold
    The intersection of Hudson and Bennett in Freehold Borough is a mess. There are several potholes and the pavement has been cracking more and more over the years. I don't understand why the borough has done nothing about this. Perhaps it's because the police vehicles do not travel this intersection considering how Center St. is always very well-maintained. Perhaps a nicely paved road would encourage people to cut through or speed. No matter what the reason, the locals should not have to ruin their cars just to travel here. The situation is ridiculously bad. Update 4/2/12: STILL getting worse and nothing has been done. Update 12/12/12: Cannot imagine how, but the holes in the street have gotten deeper. Soon we'll be able to see China.
  • 4139-4193 U.S. 9 Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Monmouth County
    I am writing about 2 areas where rt. 9 south intersects. First is where Rt. 9 South meets with Rt. 33 West, in front of Irwin car dealership. The traffic light is not at the corner of the intersection - it's in the middle of the street. When approaching the intersection, you cannot tell where the point of stopping is.Same on Rt. 9 & Rt. 79 , where Schank meets. Someone who is not familiar with this hazard will drive right through the busy intersection to reach the traffic light, which is in the middle of the intersection, not at the corner where someone should stop.