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  • Hudson And Bennett - Freehold
    The intersection of Hudson and Bennett in Freehold Borough is a mess. There are several potholes and the pavement has been cracking more and more over the years. I don't understand why the borough has done nothing about this. Perhaps it's because the police vehicles do not travel this intersection considering how Center St. is always very well-maintained. Perhaps a nicely paved road would encourage people to cut through or speed. No matter what the reason, the locals should not have to ruin their cars just to travel here. The situation is ridiculously bad. Update 4/2/12: STILL getting worse and nothing has been done. Update 12/12/12: Cannot imagine how, but the holes in the street have gotten deeper. Soon we'll be able to see China.
  • 300-304 Jackson Mills Rd Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Monmouth County
    2 way stop, but 4 way intersection. blind spots
  • 131 Wood Duck Ct - West Freehold
    Underneath the overpasses close to Wemrock Road and Route 537 exits, the road needs to be paved, not just patched. It is bumpy and dangerous!
  • Wemrock Rd Freehold Township, NJ - Monmouth County
    Wemrock Road, between Business Route 33 and Gulley Road needs to be repaved. The current road surface is terribly bumpy and unpleasant to drive on, has been for years. Damage to tires could also occur. The Freehold Township DPW should keep their eye out on this busy road and repair it. In addition, there is no merge sign near the Route 33 westbound ramp onto Wemrock Road northbound towards Business Route 33. Thank you.
  • Wemrock Rd And Route 537 - West Freehold
    Why doesn’t Freehold Twp police department patrol 537??????? The speed limit is 40 mph however the norm is 50- 65 mph add distracted driving to that and its a recipe for disaster
  • Topanemus Lake Rd NJ - Monmouth County
    Lake Topanemus covered with algae
  • West Freehold, NJ - West Freehold
    The timing of traffic lights on 537 at Iron Bridge,
    Raintree Ctr., and Mounts Corner is attrocious when making a RH turn from Iron Bridge onto 537. The only way I can get a green light at Raintree is if I go like the blazes, so you wait forever to get out of Iron Bridge to go a half a mile to sit and wait forever to get thru that intersection, then invariably you get to Mounts corner and you've got a 75% chance of a red light when you get there. It's a poor timing situation. What can be done to alleviate the situation?
  • Right on Red Acknowledged
    Halls Mills Rd And Willow Brook Rd Freehold - Monmouth County
    Why is right on red not allowed onto Willow Brook Road off of Halls Mills Road. It's odd that one is allowed to turn right on red onto Halls Mills from Willow Brook, but not from Halls onto Willow.
  • 168 Loganberry Lane Freehold - West Freehold
    I live in Raintree in Freehold Township, and am disabled. Some sidewalks do not have a way to get on them in a motorized wheelchair. All the rest are nearly impossible to navigate.
  • 60 Schanck Road Freehold twp, NJ USA - West Freehold

    Suspicious activites conducted by gas station attendant. Multiple times will a vehcile pull into the station shake hands with a would be customer and then the customer would drive off. Dont know exactky what is going on here but should be investigated By local police.

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  • 10 Sweetmans Ln Englishtown, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County
    The bridge is full of pot holes they are always putting patches in the holes but the patch does not hold. The bridge needs to be completly redone
  • 31 Willow Brook Rd West Freehold, NJ 07728 - West Freehold
    Can we have more accurate news reporting? You also missed a big story when a letter carrier in the Boro saved a woman's from a burning building.