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  • Kozloski Rd Freehold Township, NJ - Monmouth County
    A sign on Kozloksi Road, near Dutch Lane in Freehold Twp, is leaning towards the roadway and could someday fall down into traffic. It should be re-mounted properly. It is also hazardous when reading it.
  • Rt 537 East From Elks Point To Freehold Twp Border. - Monmouth County
    Road needs resurfacing NOW...Full of old patches, pot holes, uneven road surface, and very dangerous when it rains.
  • 10 Sweetmans Ln Englishtown, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County
    The bridge is full of pot holes they are always putting patches in the holes but the patch does not hold. The bridge needs to be completly redone
  • 31 Willow Brook Rd West Freehold, NJ 07728 - West Freehold
    Can we have more accurate news reporting? You also missed a big story when a letter carrier in the Boro saved a woman's from a burning building.
  • pot hole Archived
    14 Mercer Lane Manalapan, NJ - Monmouth County
    Is now 11"W x 20"L x 3.5"D...and the weather is making it deeper....located in front of #14 Mercer Lane....Road surface seem's to be disinergrating in this turning into sandy material
  • 52 Barkalow Ave Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Freehold
    There is trash galore behind my fence which backs up to the Park Ave School. I've called them and call them and they do nothing...
  • Corner Of Dutch Lane Rd And East Freehold Rd - East Freehold
    This 4 -way blind corner is one of the most dangerous in the area due to the limited visibility, made even worse by the extremely high piled snow. Ive already seen one recent pretty bad accident at this site and Im certain there will be more. Every time I attempt to make a left onto Dutch Lane Rd. from E. Freehold Rd. I have to inch out because its almost impossible to see cars coming from the right until last second..and most are speeding to make the light at Kozloski. Whats ironic is that on the opposite corner is the E. Freehold Fire Department. Just saying
  • 212 Monmouth Rd Manalapan, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County
    This intersection is at a funny angle. With so much traffic on 537 going 50 mph, or more, it is dangerous for those making a left from 524. A traffic light would help with safety here.
  • Village Center Drive And Route 537 - West Freehold
    many people run red lights at this intersection
  • 44-58 Ryan Rd Englishtown, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County
    On Ryan Road in Manalapan, the speed limit is an
    ungodly 25 mph, with people on your tail, even if
    you are going 31 mph. There are houses somewhat
    close to the street, however, 30 mph is still a decent
    speed limit. When crossing into Marlboro, the speed
    limit is raised to 35, which alot of people ignore as well, but there are several houses close to the street along the 35 mph zone.
    Manalapan should raise their 25 to 30.
  • 60 Schanck Road Freehold twp, NJ USA - West Freehold

    Suspicious activites conducted by gas station attendant. Multiple times will a vehcile pull into the station shake hands with a would be customer and then the customer would drive off. Dont know exactky what is going on here but should be investigated By local police.

    Reported from my mobile device

  • 168 Loganberry Lane Freehold - West Freehold
    I live in Raintree in Freehold Township, and am disabled. Some sidewalks do not have a way to get on them in a motorized wheelchair. All the rest are nearly impossible to navigate.