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Monmouth County watch area.

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  • 52 Throckmorton St/Main Street Freehold, NJ - Freehold
    A traffic light would impact safety measures in Downtown Freehold for both motorists and pedestrians. Currently, the intersection gets jammed up and people on Throckmorton Street have trouble turning onto 537 (Main Street). A light would help improve safety here.
  • W Main St Freehold, NJ - West Freehold
    No gas stations are located on this stretch of Main Street within a 5 mile radius. This road is a main artery through Freehold and provides access to Trenton, Camden, and Philly. A gas station near CentraState Hospital would be reasonable.
  • Mead Ave Freehold/Monmouth, NJ - Freehold
    Holes, broken road - the Mead, Runyon, Douglas, Schiverea is a mess and dangerous with holes. Lived there for 48 years and don't ever recall the road being totally repaved.
  • Kingsley Way Off Route 9north Freehold, NJ - West Freehold
    When you get off Route 9N going into Kingsley Way you drop down in holes. Even up further on Kingsley it has holes and needs to be tarred and smoothed,
  • Stillwell Corner Road Freehold, NJ - West Freehold
    Traffic Light Timing is way off. I have sat at the light for up to 10 minutes at Stillwell Corner Road waitint to make a left turn on Elton Adelphia Road
  • Hudson St. & Conover St. Near Rr Tracks Freehold, NJ - Monmouth County
    This street is in dire need of repaving and filling potholes. Cars could have broken axles because of bad condition
  • 157 W Main St Freehold Township, NJ - Monmouth County
    The sign in advance of Route 9 on West Main Street fell off due to Hurricane Sandy.
  • 86-88 New Jersey 33business Manalapan, NJ - Monmouth County
    An important safety feature on state highways, this particular one does not have deer warning signs in both directions of Route 33 Business at the border of Manalapan and Freehold Twp. There are heavy wooded areas, just before the Freehold Raceway Mall, in the vicinity of Monmouth Battlefield State Park. According to a NJDOT press release, the amount of deer is increasing and motorists should be extra careful. Installing a couple signs won't hurt either, to warn drivers on the road. Please post deer area signs on Business Route 33.
  • Spring Valley Rd MORGANVILLE, NJ - Monmouth County
  • 182-193 Loganberry Lane Freehold Township, NJ - West Freehold
    In the back of CentraState Medical Center, the parking lot for staff has several trees against a fence that have branches dangling and could fall on cars. They need to be cut down to enhance safety and upgrade property maintenance. Also, it is an eye sore. The branches on the ground need to be cleaned up as well.
  • 15 Monmouth Avenue Freehold, New Jersey - Freehold
    The streetlight does not turn off.
  • Resurface Archived
    Route 9 And Schanck Rd Freehold Twp Monmouth, New Jersey - West Freehold
    This area of Rt 9 is in need of resurfacing