Palm River-Clairmel City, Tampa, Florida

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Palm River, Clair-Mel City, Tampa, Florida

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  • 6703-6799 Palm River Rd Tampa, FL 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel

    Operator was belligerent and rude when I requested a stop. Purposefully ignored bent sign for stop that has existed on route for many years. Took it personally when I asked her to stop, calling me out on bus as if I was criticizing her for missing the stop. I just wanted her to stop for the stop she missed so I didn't need to walk an extra block. I shouldn't be treated like a kid and chastised for requesting a stop that I already pulled the bell for and she missed - especially when she purposefully drives past it. She shouldn't have said anything, just stop the bus and let me off. It's not my fault she doesn't know the route. As she said, "Do I look like I know the route? How should I know if that stop's active?" If she doesn't know it, why drive it? Absolutely idiotic and rude.

    Driver was a woman, black, twenty to mid thirties. Black hair, bowl cut bangs. Average build. Driving eastbound on 8. Event took place from 4:19 to 4:25.

  • 1003 Papaya Drive Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    The route 8 left the Mall at 5:59pm I came in the route 46 at 5:59pm and the bus 8 has left.
  • 8522 Tidewater Trail Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    The bus was caught by a light and was sitting in front of the bus stop. I stood at the door and could hear the operator through the door say, " I'm not going to let you board, and if you don't move I'm going to hit you." I said to her, "You should be ashamed of yourself."
  • 1003 Papaya Drive Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I scheduled a HARTPlus reservation for today going to the same place my wife and her companion were going to. The pickup times and destination were the same, yet two separate vans were sent to pick us up, that makes no sense. I would like this issue addressed by a supervisor.
  • Causeway Blvd & S 78th St Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    There are vagrants who drink at Stop ID 3215. There is trash all over the ground and the bench is overturned.
  • 1003 Papaya Drive Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    My van is late I had at pick up at 8:30am it is 8:45am the van is not here.
  • 912 Maydell Court Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    The operator for the HARTPlus knocked on my door and when I opened the door I turned around to get my bag and I fell and hurt my arm. The driver came into my house and tried by herself to pick me up and she was unable to. She stayed with me while I called my son and when he got there the both of them struggle to get me up off the floor but was able to get me up. If it was not for her staying with me while my son arrived, he by himself would not have been able to get me up off the floor. I want her and HART to know how much I appreciate her and may God bless her. She could have just not did anything but she was going to do the right thing. I really appreciate her for everything she did and HART needs to know that.
  • 7400-7498 Sherren Dr Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    When the bus was approaching the driver looked at me, he pointed towards me and kept going, he was running late but that is not an excuse for him not to stop and pick me up. Now I have to wait for the next bus and I’m going to be late to work. Because he wasn’t professional enough to maintain the bus on time.
  • 1003 Papaya Dr Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I boarded van with my granddaughter and the van smelled like urine. I told operator John he didn't say anything. He then turned on the air conditioner and mentioned he could smell it also. He told me if called it in they would pull the van and make us late to our destination.
  • 1003 Papaya Dr Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I had a pickup up at 9:00pm and the van arrived 15 minutes late at 9:15pm.
  • 7812 Causeway Blvd Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I am calling to report a bus stop that needs to be cleaned and also to request a trash can.
  • Palm River Rd & Papaya Dr Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    This operator drove very safely and is very professional.