Palm River-Clairmel City, Tampa, Florida

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Palm River, Clair-Mel City, Tampa, Florida

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  • 1003 Papaya Drive Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    The route 46 at the Brandon Mall I did not pull up to the stop and it did not make and ADA announcement.
  • Palm River Road Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I was waiting at the bus stop me and another guy and the bus pass right by us. Well he stop just a lil while down. So I got on and notice he did it again pass another stop and we was yelling for him to stop. So the money machine was not working and sum guy got on and tired to place money in but the guy didn't notice the driver was waving for him to came back to the front and the driver just waited there for about 30min and he was rude and driving unsafe.
  • 6703-6799 Palm River Rd Tampa, FL 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel

    Stop sign has been ran over by a vehicle, driver purposefully ignores it.

    gtfs_stop_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_4747;
    stop_name=Palm River Rd @ 68th St;

  • 7101-7149 10th Avenue South Tampa, FL 33619. - Palm River-Clair Mel

    Bus came earlier than what was said.

    agency_name=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit;
    gtfs_stop_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_2730;
    stop_name=Palm River Rd @ Coconut Dr;
    route_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_8;
    block_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_300319;
    trip_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_233630;
    trip_headsign=Downtown to Westfield Mall;
    vehicle_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_1505;
    vehicle_location=27.94108772277832 -82.37571716308594;
    schedule_deviation=1.000 min late;
    stop_arrival_time=08:35 AM;
    stop_departure_time=08:35 AM;

  • Palm River Rd & 78th St S Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I was seating at the bus stop and the bus passed me by, this is not the first time this has happened.
  • 1017 Davis Dr Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I was waiting outside at the doctors office at 1:30pm for a 3:00pm pickup, ready at 2:30pm and no one showed up. I was there until 5:30pm and someone from the office was nice enough to take me home. I should not have received a No Show I was right there waiting.
  • Causeway Blvd & 78th St S Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I am requesting to have a bus stop completely moved. The stop needs cleaning and homeless people hangout and sleeps there. I would like a follow up on this ongoing issue.
  • 7812 Causeway Blvd Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I have asked that this stop be removed from the front of my business due to the homeless people loitering and drinking it is causing a disturbance and is bad for business
  • 1001 S 78th St - Palm River-Clair Mel

    Bus never came.

    gtfs_stop_id=Hillsborough Area Regional Transit_2733;
    stop_name=Palm River Rd @ 78th St;

  • Kirkland Dr Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    I have left my house at 1:57 Pm and I was able to board the route 15 @ 2:19 pm going to work bus yesterday and today once I get to Netpark the route 37 it is not showing up. I do not think this is fare for us the patrons. It is 4:00pm and I still half way from my job, I call CS and they said the bus won't be here until 4:55pm. We are trying to get to work but HART is not giving us the service we need and we are paying for. So therefore I want a reimbursement, why would I be spending my money on Hart if you won't take me to work.
  • Palm River Rd & 76th St S Tampa, FL, 33619, USA - Palm River-Clair Mel
    The bus stop sign has a tree branch hanging across it. It is hard to read the bus ID number. It is a simple trimming of the branch.
  • 1003 Papaya Drive Tampa, FL - Palm River-Clair Mel
    HART is discriminating against people with disability because HART is not proving free ride on HARTPlus. HART is providing a free ride on the Flex and fix rout.