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Kip Walby, Peter Rubino, Ron Frederick, Candice Rusie, Anthony Tiseo, Chris Vitale, & Ben Hughes

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  • 21500-21568 Fresard St St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Fresard traffic waits four minutes for signal to turn green.
  • 23020 Masonic Blvd St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA - St. Clair Shores
    The speed limit on Masonic is 30 but most people drive at least 50 along the stretch from Jefferson to Harper and disregard the school crossing guard at Greater Mack where there is a lighted crosswalk sign for the children of Kennedy Middle School. There are 4 signs at that intersection re no turns and hundreds of people on any given day make illegal turns. The crossing guard at this intersection has a very dangerous situation. The crosswalk sign should be timed to go on from 7:00am to 9:00am as many Lakeshore High students are crossing Masonic at Greater Mack beginning at 7:00am. I live at this intersection and do care about the safety of all who live in this area.
  • Little Mack St Clair Shores, MI - St. Clair Shores
    The amount of potholes, bumps, and ridges on Little mack (specifically from 9 to 11 mile) is ridiculous and annoying. I have found myself dangerously swerving into oncoming traffic (LM is down to 2 lanes due to construction of some type) numerous times just to avoid potholes. I have been driving for less than a year, and these mind-bogglingly bad conditions are already @#$% me off. Unbelievable.
  • Little Mack Avenue Roseville/macomb county, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    Little Mack in Roseville North of 12 mile south of 13 Mile is in very poor condition needs to be fixed I'm tired of paying taxes and not getting my road fixed
  • 20516-20598 E 10 Mile Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48081, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Since the speed limit was increased on 10 mile road, I have seen 2 severe accidents with multiple cars. There are also 4 schools relatively near by and I have seen numerous kids walking and on bikes nearly getting hit as people are in a hurry to turn into traffic during morning rush hour.
  • 22115 Maxine St. St. Clair Shores, MI - St. Clair Shores
    3/16/2013 12:30 AM. Another underage party at little green house. Have called police before, residents don't answer door. Drug usage in cars parked in street out front. Old black Cadillac, and grand Cherokee have been witnessed doing drugs, and leaving paraphernalia in gutter.
  • Edsel Ford Fwy St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    There needs to be a sign posted so that people do not go straight from the inside left turn only lane!!!! Have had 2 near sideswipes my self in 3 days!
  • Little Mack Ave St Clair Shores, MI - St. Clair Shores
    Traffic signals need to be re-timed, I believe these were changed to accommodate for the construction of Little Mack road this past summer(2011), and never changed back. Although traffic cameras were installed they dont seem to help with traffic flow. Traveling on 11 mile road stopped at the intersection, vehicles will be stopped for approx 90 secs, while the green light will only stay for 30 secs. It doesnt matter what time of day it is, but really bad after rush hour or weekends when more traffic is traveling on 11 mile. I believe 60secs of green light for each road would be suffice.
  • 24925 Wood St St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Needs to be a stop sign on the corner /where Wood and Valera run into each other. Some little kid or person is going to get hurt. To many people speed through that area.
  • Star Valley - St. Clair Shores
    Someone has a POD storage unit in their driveway, has been there for months. It is an eyesore
  • 23168 Elmira St St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Elmira is one of the worse side streets in Clinton Township. It is full of pot holes, and huge craters. It is badly in need of repair. At some point, it is going to break a car axle. While fixing Harper, maybe they can drive down Elmira and re-pave it.
  • 21301 E 12 Mile Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA - St. Clair Shores
    There's a HUGE pothole in the right, east-bound lane just west of Harper on 12 mile road. they made a sorry attempt to fix it and it's still horrible.