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Kip Walby, Peter Rubino, Ron Frederick, Candice Rusie, Anthony Tiseo, Chris Vitale, & Ben Hughes

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  • 19701-19785 Stephens Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Road deterioration right at St Clair Shores City Yard!
  • Jefferson And 9 Mile Macomb, MI - St. Clair Shores
    Left hand turn light needed, on north bound Jefferson to west bound nine mile.
  • Left Turns Archived
    25005-28099 Wood St St Clair Shores, MI - St. Clair Shores
    There shouldn't be left hand turns allowed after crossing over the bridge. People trying to turn here hold up traffic which blocks the intersection/traffic light and has caused numerous accidents and slamming on breaks to avoid accidents.
  • Tree Debris Archived
    Brys Park - St. Clair Shores
    Multiple pieces of debris in the park along the walking path
  • Edsel Ford Fwy St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    There needs to be a sign posted so that people do not go straight from the inside left turn only lane!!!! Have had 2 near sideswipes my self in 3 days!
  • 32100-32498 Greater Mack Ave St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Need to remove the No Right Turn sign from EB Masonic to SB Greater Mack. The city states the sign is there to prevent excess traffic on Greater Mack in the school zone. However, by not being able to turn SB on Greater Mack to 13 Mile Rd., this forces the driver to continue EB to Jefferson - passing right by the Middle School. Then the driver must head SB on Jefferson, then head WB on 13 Mile Rd. - - this time passing directly by the High School. This sign forces more traffic to drive by both schools in the area and puts children in jeopardy
  • 28018 Rosebriar 48081 - St. Clair Shores
    At the corner of Stanley and Rosebriar are a set of stop signs that 80% of drivers fail to stop or even yield to. They roll up to it an zoom, sometimes in front of on coming traffic. We need help before a serious accident happens here.
  • 11 Mile And I-94 E Entrance Ramp - St. Clair Shores
    Since the bridge is closed going East onto 94 from 696 they are making you get off at 11 mile rd and turing left to get onto I-94 E but since there is not a light with an arrow to allow you to turn traffic gets really back up and it takes forever to make the left hand turn and it is getting very dangerous.
  • 19716-19798 E 10 Mile Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48081, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Traffic lights need to take traffic flow into consideration like the lights at 11 mile and I-94 do. It's real annoying to sit for two red lights when there's no traffic.
  • Saint Clair Shores MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Little Mack is a mess in the area between 9 1/2 and Harper. It needs way more than patching! It needs repaving. This spot has been a mess for years. Time to fix it. This is a main road and when visitors come or people looking to move to the area see this, it makes the area look like a ghetto.
  • 21301 E 12 Mile Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA - St. Clair Shores
    There's a HUGE pothole in the right, east-bound lane just west of Harper on 12 mile road. they made a sorry attempt to fix it and it's still horrible.
  • Martin Rd @ Little Mack St Clair Shores, MI - St. Clair Shores
    Traffic on Martin and Little Mack is terrible, and was before the construction. If traveling East/West on Martin at Little Mack you have to wait far too long for the light to change. With no traffic on Little Mack you shouldn't be stuck on Martin waiting for nothing.