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Kip Walby, Peter Rubino, Ron Frederick, Candice Rusie, Anthony Tiseo, Chris Vitale, & Ben Hughes

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  • 20919 Thiele St St Clair Shores, MI 48081, USA - St. Clair Shores
    3225 Taylor Detroit 48206 has lots of tires and trash in back yard and it's a fire hazard and they have cars in drive way and they will not clean up yard and also company is trying to clean up 3221 Taylor and they just will not corporate at all or move cars it's a shame no one will come out and ticket them this has been going on for a long long time and something needs to be done about this also they are running a junkyard for cars there and it's a hazard for rats as well.
  • 12 Mile Rd. At Taylor Saint Clair Shores Macomb, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    There is a hole in the right lane at least 18" long 12" wide and 10"deep at this spot. on Tuesday 04/10/18 the road crew was filling hole on 12 mile and somehow they missed this one! It is pretty large and cars hit it hard as the speed limit is 45mph.
  • 22000-22006 Twelve Mile Road Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    Large gap forming between lanes
  • Pothole Open
    21169-21499 E 9 Mile Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Road deterioration
  • 20979 Harper Ave Harper Woods, MI 48225, USA - St. Clair Shores
    The pedestrian Walk/Don't Walk signs at the corners of E. Eight Mile and Harper Roads are not working properly. They are not in sync with the Traffic Lights there. Some don't work at all.
  • 28100-28248 Glenwood St St Clair Shores, MI 48081, USA - St. Clair Shores
    This Band Plays so loud that we hear it one block over and one block down. Yet the SCS police claim its up to their discretion if its too loud or not. Why are people who abide by the law mistreated and the law breakers given special treatment?
  • 2243 Lakeland - St. Clair Shores
    There are many times when drivers making a left hand turn from northbound Jefferson on to westbound 11 Mi Rd. cannot safely see southbound Jefferson traffic because of the curve in southbound Jefferson.
    There have been accidents in this location as a result, and many a scary moment when motorist making that turn see oncomming traffic at the last moment.
  • South Bound Little Mack- South Of 10 Mile-Curb Lane In Front-Walgreens - St. Clair Shores
    Large pothole approx 2.5 ft long-2ft wide loose concrete chunks (2x2) being flipped into roadway. Southbound-right lane, 10 yards south of 10 mile on little mack, just before entrance/driveway to walgreens. I severly damaged my brand new Dodge Journey only 246 miles on vehicle-had to be towed-as a concrete chunk was hit, flipped into roadway and blew out undercarriage and tire.Dangerous health/safety issue. SCS police report made 2/28/11
  • 20101-20109 Parkside St St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    No stop sign for either street... just an accident waiting to happen!
  • 21618-21798 Broadway St St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    This is a short residential street that has access from 9 mile & Harper. People use this street as a "drag track"!! It is NOT a race people!!! More then 10 houses on the block have children that live on it!!! The "protector & servers" are no better. Sad really.... Why does life have to be fast paced? I would hate to see anyone get killed.
  • No left turn! Archived
    19500-19598 E 9 Mile Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Even though there are many no left turn signs from west bound 9 mile to west bound I94, people constantly turn left anyway, blocking traffic. There needs to be more of a police presence on 9 mile between 94 andKelly.
  • 28301-28499 Little Mack Ave St Clair Shores, MI 48081, USA - St. Clair Shores