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Kip Walby, Peter Rubino, Ron Frederick, Candice Rusie, Anthony Tiseo, Chris Vitale, & Ben Hughes

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  • 21520 E 10 Mile Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    same problem as 10 Mile and Little Mack. Traffic light stay green for a couple seconds and changes, almost instantaneous.
  • 29607 Champine St St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA - St. Clair Shores
    the vehicles (cars and trucks) that refuse to stop at the corner of Champine St and Manahattan is terrible. Someone is going to get hurt or there is going to be a bad accident there.
  • 23230 Talbot Macomb, MI - St. Clair Shores
    Both the county and township refuse to fix this dirt road that many students travel on by car and bus. Residents have complained, but local governments try to pass the buck. It's dangerous and bringing property values down and a shame they won't fix the numerous gigantic potholes that some cars can't even go around or through.
  • Saint Clair Shores MI 48081, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Gordon is being used as a short cut to Jefferson. With the increase in traffic they are speeding and failing to stop for the stop sign posted on the corner of Gordon and Greater Mack. In a hours time 90% of the vehicles did not stop for the sign or just slowed down and rolled through it. We have numerous children in the area and with the cooler weather lots of bike riding and walking in our neighborhood. Nothing good can become of this increasing problem in this intersection.
  • Saint Clair Shores MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    The red light on the Service drive to exit/enter I94 is timed to short. It is set so you can barely get 4 cars through there. The same light setup on 9 mile and I94 is timed totally different.
  • 26350 Little Mack Avenue Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    The property on the southeast corner of Little Mack St. and Bon Heur St. routinely parks cars on the approach apron to the driveway, blocking view of cars coming northbound on Little Mack. In addition, bushes planted alongside the property obstruct the view of pedestrians (especially bicyclists) moving northbound on the sidewalk, who cross Bon Heur. Very dangerous situation. Since the police and/or city refuse to do anything about it, a civil suit is a good remedy to recover damages.
  • Tall weeds Archived
    21705 Englehardt St St Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    Tall weeds in rear of vacant home at 11288 college.
  • clogged drain Archived
    20611 Eastlawn Detroit, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    citizen called to report clogged drain.; Water is covering enter street.
  • 30120 Harper Ave St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA - St. Clair Shores
  • Manhattan St 48080 Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    There is several pot holes behind Supreme Floor Covering.
    I did receive a flat do I turn bill into City..
  • 26210 Harper Avenue Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    Two abandoned cars located at 3701 Haverhill.
  • 26713 Grant Street Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    At 500 Woodward there is a leftover sandbag on Congress near the Townhouse restaurant.