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Kip Walby, Peter Rubino, Ron Frederick, Candice Rusie, Anthony Tiseo, Chris Vitale, & Ben Hughes

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  • 20952 East Twelve Mile Road Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
  • 15700 Avalon Detroit, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    Landbank property next door needs lawn care and tree and shrub removal. Constitute feels they have not been able to rent their property at 15707 Avalon due to the unsightly nature of next door.
  • 21255-21299 Bon Heur Street Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    Eastbound on Bon Heur, approaching the intersection at Harper Ave. The properties on either side of Bon Heur have bushes that obstruct the viewing of traffic from Bon Heur. These bushes are located in front of the now-vacant Verizon building, and Ride Perfection Center, and obstruct viewing traffic on Harper in either direction, and need to be removed. Seeing this is a city easement, yet the property owners maintain the landscaping, both are open to civil suits in the event of an accident.
  • Other Open
    27733 Little Mack Avenue Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    South bound Little Mack just before the traffic light by the gas station. The street is sinking and the cement is cracked and has sunk about 6 or 8 inches. It's almost as wide as the right lane, next to the curb, and about 3 feet in diameter. Afraid a car will crash through, because you have to wait on that part for the light to change. Thanks for the help.
  • 23300 Edsel Ford Ct St Clair Shores, MI - St. Clair Shores
    People playing obnoxious basketball yelling obscenities and racial slurs. Worst of all it is right next to the lake shore village learning center/ day care center!
  • 22943 Carolina St St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Property has had an older Oldsmobile SUV sitting in the back yard for several years now. It does not appear to have valid plates.
  • New York St Deziel St, St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA - St. Clair Shores
    All day and night, people driving on Deziel St come to the stop sign at New York street and squeal their tires taking off. People also regularly drive in excess of 30-35 mph on Deziel, between Greater Mack and Harper Rds. There are a lot of kids on these blocks and it needs to stop.
  • 27765 Little Mack Avenue Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    Sink hole on southbound Little Mack by 11 Mile, by the gas station.
  • 23006-23042 Kipling St St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Kipling Street needs repaired 30+ years of pothole patches aren't working.
    All the other streets in the area have been replaced with concrete,even ones in better condition.
    There are 3 sections of the road where the asphalt is heaved,Makes a good speed bump but rough on cars
  • 20401-20969 E 8 Mile Rd St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA - St. Clair Shores
    Huge pothole. hard to dodge too, because its so close to the curb on one side and traffic in the other lane on the other side.
  • 20105 California Scs Mi 48080 - St. Clair Shores
    The timing of the traffic light at Harper and California needs to be corrected. Often, especially in the evening, the light stays green for Harper too long. And then when it switches to yellow for California traffic to move, it is so brief that 2 cars cant even make it on to Harper befor the light changing back to red.
  • 10 Mile And Harper Saint Clair Shores, Michigan - St. Clair Shores
    The left hand turn light at 10 mile and Harper used to be blinking in the morning. I've noticed that they changed it so that it turns green then back to red and is no longer blinking. This is very frustrating in the morning when you have to sit there when there is no traffic, they need to make it blinking again. I've noticed a lot more cars cutting down Manhattan St. I think this is because no one wants to wait at the red light anymore.