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  • 357 Oradell Ave Oradell, NJ - Oradell
    Dangerous Intersection -Crosswalks are practically illegible after recent road work. Needs repainting to protect shoolchildren pedestrians crossing Oradell Avenue and Grant Avenue - crossing guard eliminated
  • 441 New Milford Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    Oradell fixed their side, New Milford you need to fix your side! It is a safety hazard that cannot be ignored any longer.
  • 461 New Milford Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    How does the town leave the road like this?
  • Town Hall Kinderkamack Rd. oradell, NJ - Oradell
    the upper level of the parking lot has been undermined by heavy rains having partially washed out a portion of the road surface adjacent to te stairs
  • Rdhs Exit On Pyle St. Opposite Mackay Ave. Oradell, NJ - Oradell
    At the Exit from RDHS by Pyle St. (opposite MacKay Ave.) there are at least two large potholes.
  • Woodland Ave. Oradell, NJ - Oradell
    There are not many street light posts on our street especially past hill on Woodland. ( closer to Forest ave) In the dark time, its very hard to see things , house numbers, or even people. It feels very unsafe. There needs to be more light posts( not too many were it becomes a nuisances) on our street., which will allow us to see better. Some of the surrounding streets have many new light posts.
  • Repaving Archived
    258 Forest Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    On Forrest ave in Oradell between Oradell ave and Soldier Hill rd they dug up a perfectly smooth road to due light construction but when the repaved the road they did a terrible job. I saw J. Fletcher Creamer & Sons, Inc doing the work and I wish they world fix it or Oradell should get their money back.
  • 999 Amaryllis Avenue Oradell, NJ - Oradell
    Numerous & dangerously deep holes and ruts scattered throughout length of street.
  • 665 Soldier Hill Rd Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    Potholes making your drive a nightmare? Navigate to it on the map and report it here
  • 345 Oradell Avenue Paramus, New Jersey - Oradell
    The lights at this exact location is a nightmare. It is very dangerous at times. People are constantly trying to beat the light before it goes red. This is on all 4 sides. The left turn signal does not give enough traffic to go thru before the cars going straight start flying into the intersection. People go beyond the lines so when the light gets yellow on Forest people from opposite direction slow down so they can turn but that is not the case. People run thru the yellow and don't care there are people stuck in dead center and need to go. Well that is not fair for those who are trying to make the left turn onto Forest from Oradell, only 2 cars can beat the light before the opposite side comes at you. This corner really needs to be addressed, also since it is a school zone. This is a perfect ticket corner. Everyone runs the red lights, constantly!! The light needs more time for left cars to turn. Also if you are facing east the left turn light turns green but doesn't go yellow to warn drivers the light will go green for opposite side.
  • 1081 Oradell Ave Oradell, NJ 07649, USA - Oradell
    There is a left turn signal on the Oradell Road side but not on the Forest Avenue side- intersection is very busy and difficult to turn. Many accidents.
  • 30 Kinderkamack Rd Oradell, NJ - Oradell
    2 Lamppost Lights do not turn off during daylight hours even in the brightest sunlight. Seems like a waste of electricity. 1 directly across from Century 21 Real Estate and the other right in front of Town & Country Kitchens.