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  • Griswold St Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    There is a large downed tree laying on a power line and across Griswold Street. It's very dangerous and cars continue to drive under the tree.
  • 23 Benton Lane Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    Overhead CL & P street light out.Has been that way for the past 8 weeks.
  • 2-96 Farmstead Ln Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA - Glastonbury
    almost 5 days with no power... blah!!!
  • 851–853 Main St South Glastonbury 06073, United States - Glastonbury
  • 143-157 New London Turnpike Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA - Glastonbury
    In looking for the right turn to get to the post office, I almost turned right into the exit driveway of the Bank of American drive-thru lanes. First, the driveway entrance to the post office is already REALLY close to the Bank of American exit way. Second, the road is on a sharp bend which already obscures both driveways from view. Finally, the snow banks block the views of either building makes it even easier to mistaken one for the other, and today I was pretty darn close to colliding with a car coming out of the exit driveway. Either the snow needs to be moved or signs should be placed on top of the snow to indicate the EXIT ONLY driveway versus the entrance to the post office.
  • 850 Main St South Glastonbury, CT 06073, USA - Glastonbury

    Dump trucks come speeding down 17N only to require excessive use of the engine or Jacobson brake. The result is a near thunderous pulsating noise all day long as the truck cycle through. Not sure if there is a big construction project in Portland but this is really getting ridiculous! Sometimes the trucks come through in groups of three or four...

    Most often the solution is to post signage "No Engine Brake"! It's disrupting the peace and tranquility of So. G.

  • 128 New London Tpke Glastonbury, CT 06033 - Glastonbury
    Traffic is frequently backed up on the south side of the intersection to turn from New London Turnpike on to Hebron Ave. With the amount of traffic this road sees, this light could really use one lane for each direction rather than a combined straight/right lane.
  • 30 Meadowrue Drive Glastonbury, Connecticut - Glastonbury
    Please send someone out to plow Milestone Drive, only wide enough for 1 car to travel. Thank you!!
  • 1-11 New London Turnpike Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA - Glastonbury
    I am a pedestrian, and I have tried to cross this street many times in the past. I use the cross-walk, but even when it turns white (when I can walk), people still speed through and have such disregard for not just my safety, but the safety of others on this road. People should wait until the pedestrians cross, then they can speed through to whatever destination they please. This is such a big problem, and I feel it needs to be addressed; otherwise, the chances of auto accidents will increase due to impatient, dangerous drivers not waiting a few seconds to let pedestrians cross to the other side.
  • 117-129 Glastonbury Blvd Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA - Glastonbury
    This is another danger zone in this town. People speed onto (and from) the highway, and a lot of times, it takes a while to cross to the other side. There should be a cross-walk so that pedestrians can have an opportunity to cross, as opposed to waiting for cars to pass, then cross. I almost got run over a few times. It's not only disrespectful not to have a cross-walk, but also for the drivers to have such disregard for the safety of others who can't afford to own their own vehicle. It could reduce any possible deaths or collisions, and give the pedestrians a chance to survive their walk.
  • Pot holes Archived
    Sherbrook Drive Glastonbury, Connecticut - Glastonbury
    Large pot hole stretching across the entrance to Sherbrook Drive. I know its been filled many times, but never really fixed
  • Dead coyote Archived
    Ct-2 W Glastonbury, CT, 06033, USA - Glastonbury
    Dead coyote on left side of rt 2 east just past exit 9. Has been there for a few days