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Glastonbury, CT Watch Area

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  • Hebron Ave Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    east bound hebron ave between keeney st and bell rd GIANT POT HOLE
  • 109-151 Overlook Rd Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA - Glastonbury
  • Pothole Archived
    19 Boulder Cir Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA - Glastonbury
    This is a just a test entry.
  • Stockade Road south glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury

    Have you heard about the 37 home neighborhood in South Glastonbury that will not be getting their power back until possibly Tuesday due to a mistake by CLP? Stockade Road, a small street off Main Street in South Glastonbury, between Chestnut Hill and Hopewell Road, lost their power at 6:30 AM Sunday. On Thursday at 3:30 AM CLP restored a huge section of South Glastonbury. Stockade Road was not included, although all the surrounding roads were. When asked CLP why we still did not have power they seemed surprised. Apparently they thought we were included in the 3:30AM restoration. Due to the fact that they had "moved on" we would have to wait. Since we are only 37 families, we are 'NOT A PRIORITY'.

    Why should we continue to be in the dark because of their error? This is not fair. We understand that they are working the fastest and safest they can but we are the ones who are suffering...for THEIR MISTAKE.

  • 82 Griswold St Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    Wish the street light at the entrance to the parking lot at Naubuc School would get fixed. It is a busy street at 5pm and very dark without the lamp light on!!!!
  • Naubuc Ave@Putnam Blvd Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury

    The posts supporting the safety rails were completely knocked down and are dangling upside down off the road. The cables are also dangling and there is a gap large enough for a car to go through into the creek.

    The cables are also broken along by Putnam Blvd, but there at least there is a second cable at any given point.

  • Dead cat Archived
    1287 Main St Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    There is a dead cat that was hit by a car directly in front of their driveway. Please remove it because it is sad to look at :(
  • Out of power Archived
    105 Johnnycake Lane Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    we are totally without power
  • 251-399 House St Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    The traffic pattern on Griswold St. at 5-6 pm is terrible. Traffic routinely backs up all the way to Main St. and continues through to Prospect. Efforts to keep people from blocking the intersection at Griswold and Route 2 are good but not solving the problem. Lights need to be re-timed or somethign.
  • Sign down Archived
    Fisher Hill Road East Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    A sign had been backed into by a tractor trailer trying to back out of Sherbrook. The sign is lying on the ground and has been for about a week.
  • 208 Eastern Blvd Glastonbury, Connecticut - Glastonbury
    Drivers on Eastern Blvd need to be cautioned of children crossing
  • 2-30 Hebron Avenue Glastonbury, CT 06033, USA - Glastonbury
    I often see cars run the stop signs here and blindly take right turns. It's a miracle there had not been a more serious accident.