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  • 194 Forest Road West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Drug dealing is going on most of the day and early evening- This is in the 2nd houes from the corner of cherry and forest road. can't see from the front - the neighbors are aware of it and want it to stop. There are children in this house as well as next door .
  • 90 Rockdale Rd. - West Haven
    Rockdale rd has a house that has been sitting abandon for the last 5 years. The women started building it and ran out of money and now the shell of a house looks like and eye sore. The city has been contacted many times and the mayor is well aware of the problem, yet nothing is being done. Somebody get this junk taken down. Our neighborhood looks like garbage. The woman must have money to do something about it, because she is also running and illegal boarding house that the city also refuses to do anything about. We never know who is coming or going. There are young kids living there. Only bad things can come of both problems.
  • 45-47 Clover St New Haven, CT - West Haven
  • 2nd Ave. West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    I live on a side street off of 2nd Ave. and what used to be a very quite area at night has turned into a hang out spot. I work an overnight shift and when I come home at 1am in the morning there are people hanging out all over the place. I rarely see police officers patrol this area which could be the cause of the problem. It seems as though police patrol the downtown areas but neglect the side streets. I understand that it's summer and teens and college students want to enjoy the break but there needs to be a stronger police presence in this area.
  • drugs Open
    Lee St & Chester Place West Haven, CT - West Haven
    loitering on the library stairs.Pot smokers.
  • Pothole Open
    1-25 Ardale St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Potholes at intersection of Ardale and the Post Road remain from water main break in August 2011.
  • 220 Highland St West Haven, CT, 06516, USA - West Haven
    Highland street is a two lane street with cars parked on both sides. Cars drive up and down Highland STREET at speeds WAY above 30 MPH. Speed bumps are needed between Highland Court and Greta Street. It is a very dangerous street with speeding.
  • Great Circle Road At Wind Sock West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    countless drivers speeding through stop sign.
  • Quads Open
    Fairmont Park And First Ave. New haven, CT - West Haven

    Almost everyday for the last couple weeks the kid on the bright green quad has been tearing up and down first ave and in and out of the park. Today he has friends.

    Cops have been called multiple times. They've been told where the kid lives. And yet everyday like clockwork this kid terrorizes the neighborhood.

    His quad is super loud, he does wheelies, tears up the park. Some days he even likes to wear a face covering like he's in the bike gang that rides through the city. He goes in and out of traffic and cuts corners. He's a nuisance yes, but also a danger to himself and others.

    Why is he still on the streets? I'd like to hear from the police why they, when given everything they need to know, allow this to continue.

  • 431-433 Meloy Road West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    Frequent excessive speeding on residential street.

    Several vehicles with modified exhaust systems intentionally revving engine to increase noise as they pass, at all hours. Frequently late night after bar (next to Wendy's) closes.

  • 8 Roy St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    There is an illegal automotive business being operated at 6 Roy Street. There are multiple (unregistered) cars located on the property and in the street, and the people from 6 Roy Street have taken to putting their extra cars in the driveway of 8 Roy Street, which is vacant and up for sale. There are weird barrels and chemicals everywhere on the property; you can even see this on Google or Bing maps- click on the 'satellite' views (or Bird's Eye on Bing).