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  • 4 Th Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    An almost nightly happening, some reckless fool races his bike, and sometimes his friend follows in a car, down the one way street, the wrong way. Since there is a bend 1/2 way down the street from the entryway, this creates a blind spot for anyone driving down the street correctly, and the potential for a serious accident. Also, with children, pets and elderly/disable residents, there is the question of speeding in general, and whether someone is able to be alert to the cyclist coming at them from the wrong direction, thus another potential danger. (Never mind area pets!) It happens almost every evening, especially on the weekends, around 8 ish...And whoever the guilty party is, they seem to stop midway down the block. I worry about this because with the potholes on our street, we already have the obstacle course challenge, and now we have the kamikaze cyclist added on.
  • 30-64 Park St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
  • Ocean Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Every year around the 4th of July, residents and visitors set off fireworks every night, sometimes for weeks. Most of the fireworks are illegal in CT, yet the Police do nothing to stop them. Dogs are traumatized by the explosions, people can't sleep (as the noise usually goes on until very late at night), and shoreline wildlife is severely disturbed. While I can understand the desire to celebrate, could the celebrations be limited to JULY 4TH ONLY? Also, the WH Police Dept. should be ticketing those with illegal fireworks.
  • Corner Of Thomas St And East Ave West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Between 11pm and 3am, alot of people pulling up to area of side yard gate on Thomas St. near the corner of East St. Someone comes out the gate, waits on the sidewalk, car pulls up, is there for less than one minute speaking with the person then leaves. The person goes back thru the gate and either goes into the house on the corner or the next house in on East St. Savin Rock Community School is diagonally across the street!
  • 355 Main Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Where are the police? West Haven residents should be livid. Over $10 million was budgeted for police and "public safety" resources. Where is the feedback from our elected officials? We ask for help --- more like begging -- with no resolutions. Asking to keep West Haven children safe, asking to keep our pedistrians and other drivers safe...It seems that asking people to do their jobs is too much! West Haven residents its time to be heard, its time to get involved. We need to push for change! Hold the people accountable and make them do their jobs -- our elected officials obviously can't or don't care too!
  • 214-216 Blohm St corner Cottage, West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Illegal loud bombs shooting off each nite, they speed their cars and friends cars, they screech their cars loud when going around corners, third flr dogs loose most of time,excessive noice daily and also dealing drugs with house across street. They have been served w/eviction by owner.
  • 397-595 Forest Road West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    A pretty new dark blue ford pick up truck throws two mattresses out onto ground.
    Drove straight in and dumped in the back by their little land fill area then drove out.
    I couldn't get the white male's license plate number as I'm an older guy and was still taken by surprise.
    Well in any case , if this bothers you or in the event that it actually is a problem , Alert the people
  • NEEDLES Archived
    Leete St Between Campbell Ave And Washington Ave West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    I was playing with my 3 year old granddaughter and I was shocked and scared as I found 3 drug needles near my curbside.This concerns me greatly as there is many small children, pets and walkers on my even side of the street.Police please take notice as I have been seeing cars park for a bit than take off,I attached a photo
  • Washington Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven

    I see the Police driving down Washington ave doing at least 70 Mph sometimes. No sirens no lights nothing. This neighborhood (Brown st. down to the beach on Washington) is full of kids that play outside. Also I see a ton of accidents at one particular corner on Washington Ave and cars arent even going that fast. Are they going to do it until they kill someone?

    I know they have the right to speed to get somewhere in emergencies but with no lights, no sirens?! stopping at a stop sign!?

  • 89 Center Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Cars illegally park during Sunday services and special events on 2nd Ave making it impossible to have 2-way traffic on a main road. I have never seen a ticket issued to anyone during the last 10 years of driving on this road.
  • 129 Park West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    suspected drug dealer at this location, cars pull up, he comes out, talks briefly, goes back inside, and returns to vehicle.
  • 154 Richards Street West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Even though there are legal parking spaces in front of the homes, many park on the lawns-you see the deep ruts-police are lax when reported - allegely one is a EMT. Even though this is reported Police can't be bothered.