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  • 322 Peck Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Every year I find myself calling the police dept. to assist in enforcing the parking ban in West Haven for my neighbors who seem to not know about it. What happens since they park in front of my home since they have 6+ cars is my driveway needs to be shoveled out 6 feet from my sidewalk. The town needs to tow cars not in complance who choose to ignore rules for the town they populate. I have to call the police every storm.....
  • Brown Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    I am sad to report that as many times as I have watched my son nearly get run down for crossing in a cross walk to get to his bus stop and asked for police to assist in enforcing the Stte law...and asking the city to place cones with signs as other communities do to protect their citizens....people do NOT respect cross walks in West Haven. I'd rather not have to take photos of the plates to post here but will since my tolerance is dropping each time I walk and watch my son try to safely get to his destination. This is not random 'cross as I feel awith no regard for cars' crossing and I am abotu to call Channel 8 to disclose how often the cross walk law is ignored and not enforced byand our town. We nearly were hit the other day as a woman did not even slow down for a red light and turned right without slowing WHEN we had the pedestrian walk light on! And she had the nerve to swear at me an my son for crossing. Beach Ave also has drivers who turn their heads when they see you tryin got cross in a crosswalk and simply drive through and nearly hit you. I have seen no police presence, but am happy to see a few walking the beat! We need much more of that and more ticketing.
  • Cottage Street West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Boat is stored on Cottage st., owner does NOT live around here, but needs to store his boat. That should be illegal, esp since there is not enough parking spaces for residents who live on Blohm and Cottage streets, to allow a non-resident to STORE his boat there. Please have removed. Also very hard to make turn from blohm st esp when cars are parked on both sides of street.
  • 268 Noble St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Car was keyed in this shopping center. Watch your vehicles, when you park in this shopping center. If you happen to catch anybody, call the cops - but also let me know because it is probably the same person who keyed my vehicle.
  • 18 Woodland St West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven

    There has been an old beat up Mustang parked in the street in front of this house with a flat tire, broken headlight, among other issues for over a month now. It's right in front of the beat up truck that has also been parked in the street and hasn't moved in more like 2+ months. I see another report of issues with this resident, a zoning issue, but I think this is more of a legal issue so I am reporting it separately here. I really wish something would be done about this person, and he/she wouldn't continue to be allowed to skate around the zoning regulations and laws that he/she is breaking daily.

    Has anyone (law enforcement in particular) ever checked to see if ALL of the cars in this person's yard and parked in front of the house in the street are REALLY registered and insured as they are supposed to be? Why would someone have all of these beat up, practically undriveable cars laying around, NEVER drive 3/4 of them, and actually insure and register them all?

  • Roving gang Archived
    218-298 W Walk West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Loud boisterous rude,pestering shoppers,pulling on locked bikes - A group of 4 young adults with a father or father figure type,maybe a ringleader.They didn't say peep to me but i saw them pretty nasty to others..Did see the cop standing at a parking lot entrance - ALL DAY.The cop(s) ned to be active / agile / alert and cognizent, the walk covers a bit of ground
  • 70 Court St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    I live on the corner of washington court st there is always cars speeding up and down the street there is small kids in the neighborhood
  • Rockview St - West Haven
    Cars/trucks trying to avoid the mess of the intersection of Rte 1/Campbell Ave/Forest Rd are speeding though this neighborhood. There are people walking on the side of the street (no sidewalk) as well as kids waiting for their buses. Blind drives and streets just add to the danger. Just this morning I was almost hit by someone careening down the hill as I was trying to pull out of Lydia St. I think speed bumps or more stop signs are needed in this area.
  • drugs Open
    46 Court St. west haven, CT - West Haven
    a women inside this 1st floor sell narcotics a lot of foot traffic at night around 1000pm
  • 60 Maltby Ave. West Haven ct. - West Haven
    Speeding is a big problem. Have been reporting it for years, to no avail.
  • Savin Rock Trail West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    I just heard that developers are contantly proposing more west walk type of condo housing here , right where the lovely park and bocce courts are.They tout more taxes and ,well it seems more money for the local politician , who nobody sees or hears from.."Way too much crime and vandalism", the out of town attorneys say..I woner just who is behind all that now
  • 71 Leete St West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    I reside many houses away but i can hear a loud 200 decibel muffler coming from a car a Violet or purple PT Cruiser on 71 Leete st, I believe she is a friend or family member. She visits daily at night and many neighbors as I work a off shift. The excruciating ear piercing noise can be heard for miles.Please, Please WH police address this issue. The car usually goes there at night but she does not live there.