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Watching issues created after: 2012-01-27

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  • 4536 East Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
    This tree drops large branches down onto the street (and cars) each time we have a storm. It's already totaled one car on the street.
  • 2809 Hanes Ave Richmond Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Vacant and dangerous property - Yard and alley severely overgrown!!
  • Other Acknowledged
    100 West Brookland Park Boulevard - Brookland Park
    Permanent parking and street cleaning signs on wood post were removed illegally. See photo.
  • 907 Westwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    The trees above the north bound lane of Chamberlayne Ave at Westwood need to be trimmed so that the traffic light is visible. I was almost hit today by a guy who ran the light way after it turned red. The light isn't visible until the last minute, so If you aren't familiar with the area there is a good chance you could run the light.
  • 1200 Bellevue Ave Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    1200-1700 Blks Bellevue Ave: pushed up asphalt, low places, cracked asphalt, needs attention. Roadway Supv noted these are not potholes
  • 800 W. Graham Rd. Richmond City, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    bamboo on the property behind 800 W. Graham Rd. has grown to a point of creating a blind spot exiting the alley behind 800 W. Graham onto Tazewell St. Needs to be cut back, please.
  • 800 W. Graham Rd. Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    There is a large gap in the road in front of the driveway exit to Northside Family Learning Center. Seems like a safety hazard -- as well as flat tire waiting to happen.
  • 2817 Hanes Ave Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Alley between the 2800 blocks of Hanes and Garland Avenues in need of grading and graveling. Large deep potholes throughout the entire alley are causing safety issues and impeding vehicles. It's been over 2 years since the first request was made and the alley has deteriorated drastically.
  • 1311 Dubois Ave Richmond, Virginia - Virginia Union
    Please come pick up the yard waste from the alley between Dubois Ave and Overbrook Rd.
  • 3401-3499 Brook Road Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    The sinkhole in the middle of Brook Rd at the intersection of Westwood Ave is very poorly marked for those going northbound on Brook. The barrier blocking it has been knocked over twice now, and the "Keep Right" sign has been blown over for days. There really aught to be a flashing arrow there or something...
  • Overbrook Rd/The Terrace Richmond, VA - Virginia Union
    Pedestrians cannot walk on the sidewalk because of the overgrown bushes. They need to be cut back.
  • 517 Gladstone Ave. Richmond, VA - Highland Terrace
    This yard has for years been full of tables and chairs and strange advertisements and banners as if they are running a sports bar in the front yard. makes the neighborhood look awful. please remove.