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  • 2-24 W Sellers Ave Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    The corner house on Swarthmore Ave & Sellers is a total disgrace! The bushes are way overgrown, they are covering the whole front of the house. The trees are practically growning into the house. You can't even see any of the brick or outside of the house. It is an outrage that the township has not done anything about this. It has been like this for awhile.
  • 1-93 W Rodgers St Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    I understand the train needs to blow the horn when crossing this intersection, but is it necessary to blow the horn continuously and multiple times when most residents are trying to sleep(10p-7a).
  • Swarthmore Ave At Ridley Ave - Ridley Park
    Traffic light maintenance... The water company tore up the road a few years ago and the sensors to trip the light for Ridley Ave have never been fixed. Traffic is stopped for Swarthmore Ave when no cars are coming on Ridley Ave. Come on Ridley Park Borough, its time to get around to this.
  • Chester Pike & Ridley Park Pd - Ridley Park
    Why did they turn the traffic light on again in front of the police station? Its so annoying, I catch it everytime I come through there and I have never once seen a car come from the lot while sitting there. Its a very long light too for no reason... It was active several months ago, & they turned it off.. Now, its on again !?!? What gives? I remember a few years ago when that light was on a sensor. It only turned RED when a car was trying to exit the lot- it worked fine. Fix the light- its a waste of gas & time.
  • 19-99 Hetzel Rd Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
  • 401-499 Chestnut St Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    As the school year begins, the residents of 400 block of Chestnut Street must endure another year of cars speeding down the street and ignoring stop signs...just to drop kids off at the middle school. The neighborhood truns into the Indy 500 each morning. police should help!
  • 301-383 Constitution Terrace Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    The sidewalks around Ridley Lake (middle school property) have become unsafe, uneven and broken apart. Also, trash is being thrown or left on the sidewalk area. This area looks worse every passing season. Ridley Park Borough should start taking acre of its infrastructure.
  • 230 W. Chester Pike Ridley Park, PA 19078 - Ridley Park
    Since the new lights have been installed along the Pike, the light in front of the police station cycles through again causing traffic to stop for no one coming out. I thought this light was to have a sensor to trip the light for the minimal traffic that comes out of there? I guess not....
  • 514 Crum Lynne Rd Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    A stop sign is needed at the corner of Nicholson and Crum Lynne
  • 1 Forest Ave Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    The intersection is Haverford Road and Forrest Ave. There is a 3 way stop sign at this intersection that 90 out of 100 cars driving on Haverford Rd refuse to stop for and in most cases do not even slow down for. Cars just speed down Haverford Rd and in most cases do not stop at any of the 4 stop signs along that Road. Very Dangerous!!!!
  • Ridley Park PA, USA - Ridley Park
    There are two big planters at the main enterance of Taylor that are being used as ashtrays this is a very poor image for the Hospital I think if the planters aren't used for flowers they should be removed
  • Ridley Park PA, USA - Ridley Park
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