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  • Ridley Park PA, USA - Ridley Park
    Very large pothole on W. Ridley Ave. in crosswalk used by children for Lakeview & Ridley Middle school. Pothole is 18' wide, & 3-8" deep. this is very dangerous for the school children, & motorist.
  • 204 E Chester Pike Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    Two manhole covers side by side heading east on Chester Pike are too low. It feels like the front end of vehicle is comming through the hood.
  • 412 E Ridley Ave Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    The house has openings under the eaves, is in major disrepair and has out of control overgrown vegetation. The overgrown vegetation is a breeding ground for mosquitos, other insects as well as small animals (mice, racoons). There is a large commercial vehicle parked illegally behind the house (in the yard). The yard is full of large trash items and other debris. This house is unsightly and impacts propery values in the area.
  • Myrtle Ave & W. Chester Pk Ridley Park - Ridley Park
    The street corner at Myrtle Ave & W. Chester Pk is pitch black at night and too many near misses with pedestrians coming to/from train station, etc crossing over Myrtle Ave alongside Chester Pike. Borough or PENNDOT needs to consider having an overhead street light put up to avoid potential accidents.
  • 301-313 Kenny St Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    Most of the sidewalks in front of the homes that border this park in Ridley Park need to be replaced/repaired. Almost all of them are buckled up around tree roots and have uneven joints. I am surprised that no one has tripped, broken a bone or chipped a tooth. Lawsuits waiting to happen.
  • Morton And Chester Pike Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    Need street sign! Hard to give directions
  • 301-357 E Chester Pike Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    There is a pot hole that needs to be filled on Chester Pike right in front of the Gulf gas station before the traffic light at Acres Drive.
  • 53-75 W Sellers Ave Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
  • 400 Block Glenloch Rd ridley park - Ridley Park
    The section of the park at the lake just past the restroom building is overgrown. Even when workers mow they don't go under the trees to remove brush. these are not shrubs just weeds and brush that grows under the trees.When driving on Glenloch it is hard to see around the curve. With cars parked in front of the houses it is narrow and I do creep along but I have been surprised by children crossing there. they didn't see me and I could not see them.
    Please clear out under the trees to make it safer there for our kids and drivers.
  • 1 Acres Drive Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    This traffic light at Acres Drive and Chester Pike takes way too long to change when waiting to turn left onto Chester Pike from Acres Drive. Please fix this issue. 4 mins for a light to change is ridiculous and some mornings traffic is backed up all the way down to Venice Pizza!!
  • 202-496 W Sellers Ave Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    It's like driving on a missile test range
  • 1-100 Block Of W. Ridley & W. Ward Ave. Ridley Park PA., 19078 USA - Ridley Park
    Students from the middle school are using the alley between Harrison St. & Free St. as a shortcut. This has been reported to the RPPD & to the Ridley Middle school principal. The kids like to gather in large groups & hang around smoking cigarettes. Some of the residents have had vandalism done to their property from these students.