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  • Free St. & Ward - Ridley Park
    Cars are parking at the corners of Ward & Free St. where there are signs already posted "No Parking here to corner". This is happening durning the week before school lets out. It has become too dangerous for the kids crossing the street. The drivers can't see small children if they are driving a SUV. Ridley Park Police Dept has been contacted. I guess the next step is to contact the state police for enforcement of this.
  • Delaware Expy Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    person throwing rocks at cars driving on 476 South. Reward of $1000.00 for information leading to the arrest & conviction of the person who threw a rock at a car on 10/13/12-11:15am.
  • Free And Ward St RIDLEY PARK, PA 19078 - Ridley Park
  • E Belair Ct & W Ridley Ave Ridley Park - Ridley Park
    Does anyone know who to call to get someone to come out & get a pair of sneakers taken down off the wires? They're at the intersection of E Belair Ct and W Ridley Ave in RIdley Park
  • 181-235 West Ridley Avenue Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    On the turn at the stop sign on W. Ridley Ave before turn this area has many potholes, the borough has patched this area before many times. Need to get a different contractor to fix this.
  • Free Street & W. Ward Ave. - Ridley Park
    The people who are using the Ridley Middle School field don't stop for the stop sign at Free & W. Ward Ave. They are only slowing down. Some cars drive right thru.
  • Constitution Ave - Ridley Park
    Grass isn't being kept cut at the Ridley Middle School, this was a problem also last year.
  • 310 E. Hinckley Ave. Ridley Park, PA 19078 - Ridley Park
    street light out for days!! Tall Street light just s of Kearney Place, E side of Street in front of 310 E. Hinckly!
  • Chester Pk & Hetzel Av Ridley Park, PA 19078, USA - Ridley Park
    To our neighbor in the Chester Pike duplex with the two dogs: Stop letting your dogs roam free every morning to do their business in our yards and neighborhood! Put your dogs on a leash and take them for a walk (bag firmly in hand) like everyone else. Maybe then we won't be stepping in your dogs' waste or have to listen to you scream for "Riley, Riley Riley!!!!" at 7:00 in the morning.
  • Ridley Park PA., USA - Ridley Park
    Before the intersection of Swarthmore Ave & Sellers Ave. in the right hand turn lane are 3 large potholes, that may cause damage to your tires or rim.
  • Glenlock Rd Ridley Park, PA, USA - Ridley Park
    Someone has used spray paint on the speed limit sign. Across from 324 Glenlock Rd.
  • 100 Block Of Sellers Avenue Ridley Park, Pennsylvania - Ridley Park
    A new minefield of roadway in deep, deep disrepair is Sellers avenue between industrial highway Rt 291 and Chester pike Rt.13. All of the roads 50 to 60 years old concrete slaps have lifted or created an terrible and and dangerous driving surface. And on the other side of RT. 13 or Chester Pike is Swarthmore avenue, which likewise has fallen on a very poor state of level surface. It too has any number of roadway fallen in surfaces, lifted parts of the road surface and all these dangerous roads are in Ridley township. These 2 issues show once again how our infrastructure is slowly falling apart all around us. Please help !. These are "our" roads and our children using them !
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