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  • Street sign Archived
    Jellicoe And Guelph Côte-Saint-Luc, Québec - Côte-Saint-Luc

    Street sign "jellicoe/Guelph" has been knocked down.


  • 5728 Avenue Parkhaven Côte Saint-Luc, QC H4W 1X5, Canada - Côte-Saint-Luc
    Cracks and potholes
  • 5790 Rembrandt Côte-Saint-Luc, Québec - Côte-Saint-Luc
    The containers were left on the street today instead of on the concrete pad. It is impossible to see a car exiting the garage at this address. It is very difficult for anyone coming out to see traffic approaching from Kildare.
  • 5752 Ave Lockwood - Côte-Saint-Luc
    Unless this gets repaired very soon, one or more vehicles will have broken axle from falling in. Soon it will become a swimming hole.
  • 5751-5791 Smart Ave Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec - Côte-Saint-Luc
    With any level of rainfall, there is an area in front of 5816 Smart Avenue that does not drain into any sewer.
  • 5616 Emerald Avenue Côte Saint-Luc, QC - Côte-Saint-Luc
  • 5555 Avenue Westminster Côte Saint-Luc, QC H4W 2J2, Canada - Côte-Saint-Luc
    Dangerous deep pothole going north on Westminster right under the underpass.
  • 7920 CôTe Saint Luc Road Cote-Saint-Luc, QC H4W 1R6, Canada - Côte-Saint-Luc
    Potholes at CSL Rd. & Westminster
  • 5550-5556 Avenue Lyndale Côte Saint-Luc, QC H4V, Canada - Côte-Saint-Luc
    Urgent! Manhole cover off at corner in front of 5550 lyndale. Needs immediate fix . Very dangerous. I will add picture later today
  • 5610-5624 Avenue Blossom Côte Saint-Luc, QC H4W 2T1, Canada - Côte-Saint-Luc
    Nuisance sonore et vibration très élevé tu es au train. Il y a au plus de trafic de train chargé de pétrole et qui ne répondent pas aux normes. Il y a plus que 118 wagons de pétrole par train et cela cinq à six fois par jour.
    Est ce que la ville peut intervenir pour protéger les citoyens. Nous risquons un autre déversement si nous n'agissons pas! Merci de me supporter
  • 5752 Lockwood Avenue Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec - Côte-Saint-Luc
    Drove by at 5:30am this AM on Cavendish heading south just before the lights at CSL road. There appeared to be water gurgling from the road against the concrete divider.
    The leak is slight, as there was as yet, no fountain. But the puddle just kept wavering.
  • 5752 Lockwood Cote Saint Loc , Quebec - Côte-Saint-Luc
    In the square covered by Parkhaven, Guelph, Westminister, Kildaire (those 4 streets only and no cross streets) there are 24 defective lamps (not turning on ever (20) and not turning off (4), and lamps where were purposely forced on 24/7 due to lack of time to repair or other reasons.