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  • Huge potholes Archived
    1100 Massachusetts Ave Boston, Massachusetts - North Dorchester
    At the road going into the plaza.
  • 37 Freeport St Boston, MA 02122, USA - North Dorchester
    Thinking of catching a glimps of the wind turnbine or IBEW local, FORGET about it, you'd better keep your eye on the road. Though deceptive and apparently minimal these road hazards really pack a punch. Watch for incomings side street traffic, many have blind corners!
  • 790 Columbia Rd Boston, Massachusetts - North Dorchester
    Branch right at intersection of Columbia and Boston and Mass Ave. The branch is on Columbia as you turn right.
  • 1028 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02125, USA - North Dorchester
    Storm drain cover on Mass Ave northbound under railroad bridge near Newmarket is set with slots parallel to traffic and is a hazard to bicycles. Please replace with a bicycle-safe (non-directional) cover or at least set with slots perpendicular to traffic.
    Thank you.
  • Mount Vernon St Boston, MA - North Dorchester
  • 1-99 Peirson Street Boston, MA 02119, USA - North Dorchester
    Broken glass from us shelter, piled of glass. Also, clothing and trash. More than 10 Homeless people camped out at night and early morning every day. Possible drug use taking place. Dangerous situation
  • (pothole) Archived
  • (pothole) Archived
    80 Monadnock St Boston, MA 02125 - North Dorchester
  • Damaged Sign Archived
    947-949 Dorchester Avenue Boston, MA 02125, USA - North Dorchester
    Sign felt of on side walk.
  • (pothole) Archived
  • Pothole Archived
    847 Columbia Road Dorchester, MA - North Dorchester
    On Columbia Rd. where the I-93S exit dumps out - looks like the pavement around a manhole cover has eroded leaving a huge pothole
  • There's a huge pothole at the traffic light when you're leaving South Bay Shopping Center on to 93 South.