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  • (pothole) Archived
  • (pothole) Archived
    Horrible Pot Hole. Looks like it could be the Gateway to Hell
  • (pothole) Archived
    Left Lane at stop light
  • 9 Everett Ave Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    This abandoned building is owned by city. It's been damaged by fire several times. The windows are broken and wide open, and the weeds grow wildly, which might attract pests. It impacts the environment and health of the neighborhood.
  • 16 Newport St Dorchester, MA 02125, USA - North Dorchester
    Dorchester ave near harbor view continuing towards Andrew square needs to be plowed. Have not seen a plow yet!
  • (pothole) Archived
  • 475 Columbia Rd Dorchester, MA - North Dorchester
    Tree pit at 475 Columbia Rd is empty - old tree stump still visible. At least the property owner is filling the space with bark mulch instead of trash
  • Pothole Archived
    Mount Vernon Street At Harbor Point Blvd Boston, Massachusetts - North Dorchester
  • 471 Columbia Rd Dorchester, MA - North Dorchester
    Empty tree pit in front of 471 Columbia Rd. This shows a profile of the tree pit and the apartment building.
  • 493 Columbia Rd Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    Tree pit in front of 493 Columbia Rd is empty. Please plant a tree here.
  • 796 Dorchester Avenue Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    We have a full-sized air mattress and a couch to spare. Warm meals, warm showers, anything we can do to help.
  • 740 Dudley St Boston, MA - North Dorchester
    The tree pit in front of El Frutero is empty. Please plant a tree in this location.