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Bellevue, Ginter Park, Laburnum Park

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    1501 Nottoway Ave richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    Street & Sidewalk Flooding
  • 4536 East Seminary Avenue Richmond, VA - Ginter Park
    This tree drops large branches down onto the street (and cars) each time we have a storm. It's already totaled one car on the street.
  • 1200 Bellevue Ave Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    1200-1700 Blks Bellevue Ave: pushed up asphalt, low places, cracked asphalt, needs attention. Roadway Supv noted these are not potholes
  • 4025 Chevy Chase Street Richmond, VA - Bellevue
    There is a section of sidewlak that was moved upwards from the tree that fell over during the hurricane. At least three people that I am aware of have tripped and fallen on the sidewalk as well as into the large hole left from the fallen tree being removed. This has become a very hazardous situation and needs to be taken care of immediately.
  • Sidewalk Floods Acknowledged
    3860 Fauquier Ave Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    Every time it rains my sidewalk floods because there is no way for the rain to drain out to the street. I am requesting some sort of drain solution to move water away from the bottom of my sidewalk and into the street.
  • tree removal Archived
    1802 Elmsmere Avenue richmond, VA - Rosedale
    I'd like the tree that is on City property in front of my house removed, please. It is leaning towards my house, and its branches are in the power lines. Tree is currently alive but am worried it might not survive another big storm without hitting my house. Thanks.
  • 1207-1211 Bellevue Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    Dangerously eroded curb at Lamont and Bellevue, as well as no handicapped access to a commercial block. Was reported fixed but never was.
  • 4000 Chevy Chase St Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    4000 Blk Odd Chevy Chase St - Our alleys- we have 1 main alley and 2 cross alleys are in sad shape, they have numerous potholes that hold water and need to be fixed. This is an annual occurrence. The alleys are gravel covered. Please get these fixed before the mosquito season.
  • 1329 Amherst Ave. Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    Maple trees on Newport Drive have many dead limbs, but one in particular is very large & has already broken off. It's hanging, supported by smaller limbs, and could fall to the sidewalk & hurt someone. Plenty of dogwalkers & parents with children use the sidewalk here. It's easy to spot.
  • 3401-3499 Brook Road Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    The sinkhole in the middle of Brook Rd at the intersection of Westwood Ave is very poorly marked for those going northbound on Brook. The barrier blocking it has been knocked over twice now, and the "Keep Right" sign has been blown over for days. There really aught to be a flashing arrow there or something...
  • Sink Hole Archived
    4000 Block Of Macarthur Avenue Richmond, VA - Bellevue

    There is a sink hole in front of Decatur's garage on MacArthur Avenue that has recently popped up.

    Since this is a heavily traveled commercial area this needs to be repaired ASAP.

  • 3013 Brook Rd Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    A tree was scheduled to be cut down on city strip between sidewalk and road. Tree had badly heaved sidewalk in one section. Would like that section of sidewalk taken up and re-leveled, OR new section laid. PLEASE DO NOT SIMPLY LAY A RAMP OF CONCRETE ON EXISTING SECTION. Please either re-pour section or level ground underneath and replace. Thanks!