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Notified About

  • 9988 Golf Links Rd Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah
    Huge pile of household items and trash dumped overnight on Golf Links Rd, between Mountain and Elysian Fields
  • Venetia Road Oakland, California - Sequoyah

    A large pile of trash, including metal, car seats, and carpet has been dumped on the fire road in Knowland Park (listed as Venetia Road on Google Maps).

    Please NOTE: the trash has been dumped behind a *LOCKED* fire gate.

  • Ravine On Oak Hill Road Near Sequoyah Road Oakland, CA - Sequoyah
    Late at night people are going into the ravine on Oak Hill Road close to where it intersects with Sequoyah Road. I have seen drug usage on the road there, but cannot see what else is going on inside the area. People are going into the ravine at odd hours in complete darkness, from 10:30 PM onwards. The land there is steep, so it's also not conducive for road pit stops, amorous couples and the like. What could be going on there? I strongly feel that the unlit, unmonitored area is a security risk for our neighborhood.
  • 10701 Peralta Oaks Dr Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Chabot Park
    There is a whole trailer piled high with junk, a shopping cart and, today, a 50 year old refrigerator.
  • 4212 Oak Hill Road Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah
    Massive dumping outside 4211 oak hill rd.
  • Pothole Archived
    3900 Oak Hill Rd Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah
    Pothole at oak hill road and golf links. It has been washed out by water coming down oak hill and cars driving down oak hill and turning right onto golf links.
  • Foothill Blvd Oakland 94605, United States - Chabot Park
    Christmas tree on sidewalk under freeway.
  • Barrett St Oakland, CA, 94605, USA - Chabot Park
    White Ford Expedition parked with two flat tires for over three months.
  • 10624–10636 Foothill Blvd Oakland 94605, United States - Chabot Park
    “Ray buys houses” and “Fix your credit” scams. Too high to pull down or deface.
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    610 Elysian Fields Drive Oakland, CA 94605, USA - Sequoyah
    See photo
  • 8611 Mountain Blvd Oakland, Ca - Sequoyah
    Boxes discarded on sidewalk near oak knoll heights condominiums. Is there a way to post signs prohibiting illegal dumping? This would help residents and possibly save the City time and money.
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    8750 Mountain Boulevard Oakland, California - Sequoyah
    I didn't see that this was reported yet, but someone dumped a moving van worth of garbage in front of the Oak Knoll condos. Household debris, clothes and some sort of tub.