Mount Vernon

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City of Mount Vernon, NY

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  • 626 N Terrace Ave Mt Vernon, NY 10552, USA - Mount Vernon
    Heavy A.M. traffic, bus route, construction vehicles pound
    surface. Never repair properly, just filled in with hot patch from time to time. Rattles house from huge holes.
  • 209 Westchester Ave Mt Vernon, NY 10552, USA - Mount Vernon
    There are HUGE Potholes on the corner of E. Lincoln Ave and Westchester Ave in Mt. Vernon. It is impossible to avoid them and someone is going to get killed trying to go around them and heading into oncoming traffic.
  • Huge potholes Archived
    634 South 5th Ave Mount Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
    there are 4 huge potholes at this address which are very dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Pathole Archived
    70 & 24 Del Rey Dr Mount Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
    Al lots of pothole
  • Mount Vernon Ave Mount Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
  • Gramatan Avenue Mt Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon

    The Park and especially Laurel Brook, which runs through it, is littered with plastic bags, candy wrappers, beverage containers, and various other trash, apparently discarded into the storm sewers, which drain into Laurel Brook, which drains into the Bronx River, which drains into Long Island Sound.

    There is to be a Spring clean up on April 27 and 28. Wear waterproof boots if possible or be prepared to climb slopes around the edges of the park and along the brook. Heavy lifting opportunities are available.

  • 537 South 11th Avenue Mount Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
    Construction of 5 houses on this lot was stopped about 5 years ago. I have gone to city hall repeatedly to report the garbage, overgrown weeds and debris on the abandoned property. I even spoke with the mayor last year, but nothing has been done.
  • Central Pkwy Mt Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
    On both sides of Central Parkway at Hunt Woods Park just north of E Devonia Avenue, the metal barriers are missing about five bolts to fasten the horizontal to the vertical members. One section was irreparably damaged by a fallen tree. At least one horizontal section is rusted out where the bolts should fasten it to the verticals. Most of the horizontals are at least partially rusted and there is some graffiti.
  • Broad St W And Fleetwood Ave Mt Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
    Needs left turn arrows!
  • Central Pkwy Mt Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
    Repeatedly adding layers of asphalt has virtually eliminated an effective gutter, causing sidewalk flooding and leading to an area that cannot be planted in grass because of the tremendous amount of road salt
  • 91 S West St Mount Vernon, NY 10550 - Mount Vernon
    ridiculously large crater on side of road
  • 39 E Birch St Mount Vernon, NY 10552 - Mount Vernon
    Several small and one large pothole on the street in front of 39 and 41 E Birch ST in Mt Vernon.