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  • 3212-3216 14th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    The pedestrian signals at this corner have been terrible ever since 14th st. was redone. People almost NEVER obey the pedestrian signals because there is often a "no walk" signal when it would be fine to cross. For example, there is a no walk signal when you are trying to go east/west across 14th at Kenyon even when the only cars with a green light are coming west on Park, where they are forced to make a right turn and head north on park. Pedestrians should be able to cross. Additionally, when the light for north/south traffic on 14th is green the pedestrian signal to cross over Kenyon street is "no walk" for the majority of the time, even though that is one way traffic. It doesn't make sense at all and pedestrians have quickly figured that out. No one trusts the signals and so they go whenever they want. I've seen people almost get hit or hold up traffic on multiple occasions. These signals need to be revised!
  • 1200 Connecticut Ave Nw Washington, DC 20036, USA - Golden Triangle Improvement District
    Crossing Connecticut Ave NW at M St NW as a pedestrian, the pedestrian signal indicates "Walk" before traffic on Connecticut Ave is stopped (the light turns red approximately 3 seconds after the pedestrian signal turns to "Walk"). This results in near misses for unfamiliar and/or over zealous pedestrians very frequently. On the morning of 4/2/2010 I witnessed a car coming within inches of impacting a pedestrian head on at this intersection.
  • 1600 1632 U.S. 1 Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    Cars regularly exceed the speed limit on the whole stretch of 6th between Rhode Island and NY Ave.
  • Sign New Archived
    2100 11th St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - U Street Corridor
    Pulling out of driveway ate Beauregard condo driveway is unsafe. Cars park flush with the driveway on the north edge and you cannot see southbound traffic when pulling out. Several near misses have occurred. It is unsafe.
  • Street Cleaning Acknowledged
    1640 19th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20009, USA - Dupont Circle
    Leaves were never completely cleared this autumn creating a buildup on the street & sidewalk ramp. The leaves have now accumulated trash, are saturated with several inches of water and debris, freeze during temperature drops creating several feet of ice slick, and entirely block the ramp for those with impaired mobility. Drainage into the sewer system is entirely blocked as well.
  • 212 Constitution Ave Nw Washington, DC 20004 - Downtown

    When going northbound in the I-395 tunnel, the Mass Ave exit splits off before you can read the highway signs telling you about the exit.

    They're mounted too high and too far off.

    This leads to a lot of last-minute swerves from drivers inadvertently heading towards NY Ave.

    Note: map is totally wrong

  • 5th L, and New York Ave, Washington, DC - Mount Vernon Triangle
    The timing of this intersection changes depending on the day. When the red light stops traffic on NY Ave, a green light appears to allow crossing of NY Ave, however sometimes the Southeast side of L St is given initial right of way (via a green light) to proceed through the intersection. If this happens, stopped traffic on 5th street heading north will see a red light at 5th and L but a green light at 5th and NY Ave. This is confusing and frequently traffic will run the red light at 5th and L when the traffic from L has green light. This needs to be clarified to prevent accidents, especially since this is a high pedestrian traffic area with the Safeway grocery store.
  • Bicycles Archived
    1301-1399 5th St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Shaw
    1309 5th st NW. Speed hump extend into bike lane. This is a real hazard after dark as the street is not light. There are two such humps in this block.
  • 131-199 R St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Bloomingdale
    Pedestrians cross Florida Avenue NW at R with only use of a crosswalk. There is no light or stop sign for the Florida Ave traffic. I often feel unsafe crossing the street because traffic on Florida is so heavy and coming at a quick pace. I think additional traffic safety devices would help tremendously. There is a DPR park on that corner, so kids cross the street often. Additionally, people walk their dogs in the grassy park across the street.
  • 2500 Georgia Ave Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Columbia Heights
    Neither one of the two diving boards at Banneker pool are working.
    Pool management said they don't have any idea when the diving boards will be fixed.
  • 1145 17th St Nw Washington, DC - Golden Triangle Improvement District
    a chunk of curb has fallen off and is laying on the street/curb.
  • 900 Through 400 Block Of G Street NE 20002, Washington D.C., DC - Golden Triangle Improvement District
    I live on the 700 block of G Street, NE. Every morning commuters turn off of H Street, NE onto G to avoid traffic and speed through residential streets. There's an elementary school at the corner of 7th & G Street & the commuters speed through this area at the risk of hitting children. It's very dangerous in the mornings. -There needs to be speed humps erected from 10th & G. to 6th & G. in order to protect the children walking to school in this area & slow the commuters down. They don't make concessions to the fact they've turned off of H into a residential area where the speed is considerably slower.