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  • 1115 12th St Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle
    Throughout the District, there are signs warning drivers to not block the box. My home commute path takes me up 12 Street and across Mass Ave. Every day, between the hours of 4:30 and 6:00, which is the range during which I've experienced this issue, drivers along Mass Ave will block the box, not allowing drivers along 12th Street to cross over Mass Ave. Often, I have to wait 2-4 light cycles in order to get past cars that continue to drive down Mass Ave, even when they have no room to do so. I would be immensely satisfied if I were to see a TCO at this intersection during my home commute this afternoon. And perhaps doing this on a regular basis would alleviate the blocking the box issues, as I am aware that this is a ticketable offense. Thank you in advance.
  • Tree Inspection Acknowledged
    1531 Kingman Place Northwest Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
    Important - time sensitive. Sidewalk, curb, and apron repair all beginning today, Tuesday, December 18th.
  • 7001-7023 Blair Rd Nw Washington, DC 20012, USA - Fort Totten-Upper Northeast
  • Florida At 18th Street NW, Washington, DC - Adams Morgan
    Too short traffic light (10 seconds) when trying to cross 18th Street from Florida, heading East. The light stops eastbound traffic to allow for westbound traffic to have a green arrow to turn left onto 18th, but the too short light causes lengthy back-up on a major road.
  • Lincoln Memorial Circle Nw Washington, District of Columbia - US Congressional District DC98
    For a couple of weeks now, the left turn light at Lincoln Circle onto 23rd St. has been short timing causing back ups across the Memorial Bridge and Rt 27 to the Pentagon.
  • 555 Massachusetts Ave Nw Washington D.C., DC - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Traveling Westbound on Massachussetts Ave towards Chinatown has been worsened since the I St NW lane was removed at 5th St. Now drivers have to sit through several cycles of lights to make left turns onto 5th St NW at Mass Ave and the quick right turn onto I between 5th and 6th Sts NW (a common occurrence). Oncoming traffic headed toward the 3rd Street Tunnel never abates and this could be easily remedied with a left turn arrow or delay that allows several cars to turn left on 5 St NW before 2 way traffic opens up. It would also prevent near crashes with pedestrians and oncoming vehicles from frustrated drivers trying desperately to make the turn.
  • 660 Kenyon St Nw Washington, District of Columbia - Park View
    The multi-unit residential building at 660 Kenyon St NW trash collection area is often full of trash and much of the trash does not remain in the trash cans. In addition, several of the trash containers are structurally unsound and have large holes in the lower section of the container that rodents can easily access. There are also other parts of the rear and side of the building that are not kept clean and harbor rodents. I have included a photo showing the state of one of the trash cans and some of the trash collection area. This trash area is full of rats at night, many of which run into the basement of this building when you walk by. With the amount of money this city spends on rodent abatement, broken trash cans like this are a huge part of the problem.
  • Massachusetts Ave NW & 12th Street, NW, Washington D.C., DC - Logan Circle
    During rush hours, especially in the evening, cars driving east on Mass Ave, NW block the box at 12th St, NW. This issue is partially due to the complicated intersection at 11th & Mass and short traffic light cycles. Excessive honking and compromised pedestrian safety in the crosswalks (especially for nearby school children) are a daily nuisance. Traffic flow needs to be managed by a crossing guard.
  • 3169 Mt. Pleasant St Nw Washington, DC - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Large spay painted words in Spanish
  • Bicycles Archived
    358-398 12th Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Downtown

    Part of the intersection, including all of the eastbound lane of the Pennsylvania Ave NW cycletrack, have been milled for nearly a month. This creates a dangerous situation for cyclists in the cycletrack, which cyclists expected to be a safe place to ride. Cyclists risk a sudden flat or nasty fall, that could be serious with motor vehicle traffic so close by. Many cyclists instead veer into the westbound cycletrack, creating a risk of head on collision.

    Please, when will this be fixed?

  • 2473 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Washington, DC 20037 - West End
    There is a group of indigent individuals who have set up semi-permanent homes in this park. Among other things, they are often seen relieving themselves on the adjacent building. Something needs to be done as it is a beautiful park and should be able to be enjoyed by the residents of the West End, not just a home for the indigent. Especially with so many shelters in the city.
  • 912-948 Upshur St Nw Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    upshur and georgia nw light timing is bad