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  • Calvert St. And Cliffbourne St. Washington, dc - Adams Morgan
    There is a crosswalk here (no stop sign) but rarely do cars ever stop for pedestrians at this dangerous and highly used intersection. Even city buses blow by pedestrians waiting to cross and even sit straddling the cross walk waiting for the light to change. The visibility pulling out from Cliffbourne street is terrible. A 3-way stop sign would make this intersection a lot safer.
  • Francis Pool Washington , DC - Downtown
    So happy that the pools are open, but on Monday there was no place to put the bikes. Every possible metal structure, for including handicapped rails, parking meters, tree boxes was taken for blocks around. I pity the person who needs the rails.
  • Pedestrian/Bike Tunnel Under Intersection Of Canal & Foxhall Roads washington , dc - Downtown
    the lights in the pedestrian/bike tunnel underneath the split at foxhall & canal roads NW have been out since early spring. that tunnel is creepy to begin with, but without lights it's even worse - especially if you are biking, b/c your eyes don't have a chance to adjust. the tunnel is generally wet from the canal as well, so not having lighting in there increases the chance of slips/falls. this situation is dangerous and needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • 3 Logan Cir Nw Washington, DC 20005, USA - Logan Circle
    13-second crosswalk lights are too short for pedestrians to cross into and out of Logan Circle Park. This is a residential neighborhood circle and should be more walkable.
  • Porter St And Connecticut Ave Nw Washington D.C., DC - Cleveland Park
    I walk through this intersection on the eastern side of Connecticut every day to get to and from work. Without fail, 3+ cars will run the red light signal for the left turn onto Porter from Connecticut, and we pedestrians will get the right of way but they are still blazing through to catch the next traffic light. One time a police officer was stopped at the intersection when this happened, but he did nothing(!). I AM FED UP! I want DC police to ticket these drivers until they start respecting the red light - and pedestrian safety. Even better would be to setup a traffic camera that could catch them.
  • Ontario Rd. Nw & Columbia Rd. Nw Washington, DC - Adams Morgan
    Massive rat infestation on Ontario Rd. NW, south of Columbia and north of Euclid. They are centered in the unprotected dumpsters in the alleyway just south of Columbia and parallel to it. Many restaurants (Super Tacos, O'Tasty, etc.) dump tons of food in the dumpsters, all of which are accessible to rats.
  • 1678-1680 Kalorama Rd Nw Washington, DC 20009, USA - Adams Morgan
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 1520 V St Nw Washington, DC 20009 - Meridian Hill

    In general, east-west auto traffic in this part of the city is hampered by extreme north-south favoring light timings on all roads, harming locals to help commuters moving through the area to downtown. This intersection is a special problem because traffic entering the intersection from New Hampshire does not have a stop and cars, bikes, and pedestrians coming across on V St. are at great risk -- a tragic accident waiting to happen.

    Fixing this intersection could provide a much needed east-west route for local traffic. Alternatively, fix light timings on 15th St., which are ridiculous. See Euclid and 15th St. especially, which is a very poorly timed light.

  • Interstate 395 Washington, DC 20001, USA - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Camera for speeding in work zone. No work being done.
  • 1551 W St Nw Washington, DC 20009 - Meridian Hill
    The brick sidewalk on the north side of W Street just south of Meridian Hill Park apparently hasn't been weeded for years. Perhaps 1/3 to 1/4 of the sidewalk is visible... presenting difficulties for anyone trying to use the one foot wide walkable area. The rest is covered in grass.
  • 7th St Nw And Pennsylvania Ave Nw Washington D.C., DC - Downtown
    There is a lot of broken glass in the centerlane separated bicycle lanes. There are two locations with broken glass and it's been like this for about a week. The locations are just west of 7th Street NW on Pennsylvania and just west of 6th Street NW on Pennsylvania in the cycletrack.
  • 1200-1208 New Jersey Ave Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Mount Vernon Triangle
    Increase signal length