Washington: Mall/NW Slice

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  • 769 7th St Nw Washington, DC 20001 - Downtown
    Along 7th Street, between Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Avenues, there is a dediated bus/bike lane that is routinely used by vehicles. Constant swerving in and out of this lane creates a serious hazard for cyclists and impedes bus traffic to the point where the buses sit in a traffic jam.
  • 500 H Street Northwest Washington, DC 20001, USA - Downtown
    Alley is disgusting between the restaurants dumping vegetable oil, trash trucks no ones cleaning it and drain is clogged
  • 650 Rhode Island Ave. Nw Washington, DC - Shaw
    The westbound bike lane on R St. does not continue through the intersection at Rhode Island Ave. (as it does at other dangerous intersections like Connecticut and R). Painting the bike lane through the intersection would improve safety for both drivers and cyclists as it would indicate where each vehicle is obligated to drive. This improvement has been made elsewhere in the city and it makes a huge difference for separating bicycles and cars in dangerous intersections. Thank you!
  • 15563 U St Nw Washington, DC 20009 - Adams Morgan
    Pedestrians crossing U Street along as they walk along Florida (to the east) are faced with an incredibly dangerous crossing. Even with a walk sign cars zoom over the crosswalk as they turn right off of 18t street on to U street eastbound.
  • 124 R St Nw Washington, DC - Kalorama
    I know of four people (myself included) who have been hit by cars at the intersection of Florida and R. DDOT came and inspected the intersection (last December) and their representatives all agreed that a light needed to be placed there. What did they do? They put up another cross walk sign 4 months later, only after another person was struck by a car. What does it take? A fatality? Anyone in Bloomingdale can vouch for the horror that is the intersection at R and Florida.
  • 1600 Block Harvard/Hobart Alley Washington, DC 20009 - Mount Vernon Triangle

    Our area overrun by rats. Scofflaw Supercan and Recycling Can storage on public space in 1600 block Harvard/Hobart NW alley after day of pickup; many Supercans lack lids or have rat chew holes; improper bulk trash handling; rats' nests in back yards; no rat abatement by homeowners or enforcement by DC gov. What happened to Clean City Initiative and War on Rats?

    Take care of this public health menace.

  • 8300 Colesville Rd. Silver Spring 20910 - Downtown
    There are almost daily car accidents on the traffic circle where 16th St., Colesville Rd. and Eastern ave meet. The circle is divided by the border between DC and Silver Spring, MD (Mont Co). A pedestrian was killed a few months ago, the "welcome to DC" sign was demolished, cars are getting t-boned, i've seen a mini van with children in it flip on its side after being struck. The lanes are poorly marked. At least one traffic light (on eastern) is totally obscured by a tree. Drivers cannot see each other due to the bushes/flowers/trees that obscure their view of the other streets/lanes. It seems maybe once a year some group sits on the corner and records accidents and traffic light signals for a day or two to report back to ____?...but nothing has come of it. The signals and lack of signage and unclear lanes have resulted in numerous accidents, injuries and death. My neighbors and i would like this problem addressed and fixed! we would like statistics and the number of accidents /police/firetruck/ambulances that have occurred at this circle. i have more photos...
  • Park Rd And Klingle Rd Nw Washington, DC - Mount Pleasant
    Drivers going west on Park Rd routinely run the red right-turn arrow to turn right onto Park. They seem to think the green light for going straight onto Klingle applies to them, not noticing the red right-turn arrow. It is dangerous for pedestrians crossing Park on the north side. Could we get improved signage or some traffic-calming measure here?
  • Street Repair Archived
    11th & F St Nw Washington, DC - Downtown
    Four steel plates have covered 11th street south of F Street for over a year...when will the road be repaired and patched?
  • 17th New Hampshire NW intersection, Washington, D.C. - Dupont Circle
    Southbound cars on New Hampshire turning onto 17th street are often going full speed into pedestrians who have the right of way to cross 17th St. A pedestrian-only signal before or after the green light on New Hampshire or no left turn onto 17th St. would be safer.
  • Clark Place Nw Washington DC, dc - The Palisades
    for the past few years we have been plagued by Asian tiger mosquitoes, which carry West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, and other pathogens. They also affect our pets. A few weeks ago, Dept of Health came out and confirmed we had a real problem. They treated the sewers with larvacide, but they need to continue to do this!!
  • Intersection Of 5th And Ny Ave Nw Washington DC 20001 - Mount Vernon Triangle
    The Pedestrian walk signals are mistimed. They give the pedestrian less than 10 seconds to cross a major four lane street with heavy traffic