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  • 2100-2498 U.S. 29 Washington D.C., DC 20037, USA - West End
    There needs to be either a stop sighn or a Pedestration right of way sign at this intersection. Cars flight up to enter the enter the circle and DO NOT stop or look for pedestrians. I have almost been hit numerous times trying to cross, many times I am in the middle of the iof the intersection/crosswalk when a car has to slam on his brakes not to hit me. It is REALLY dangerous
  • 26-76 Logan Circle Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Logan Circle

    People are constantly honking around the entirety of this circle, and 9 times out of 10 it's out of anger, not because of an emergency or out of necessity. As someone who lives in this neighborhood it's very nerve-wracking, particularly in the morning when many of the out-of-state drivers are speeding around the circle, honking at any car that is not driving fast enough for them.

    Any way to get bigger "Quiet - Residential Zone" signs, or have some traffic cops around to dissuade people from driving and honking recklessly?

  • Sign Replace Acknowledged
    3217 Mt Pleasant St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Mount Pleasant
    Zipcar sign is incorrectly placed, leading to illegal ticketing and towing.
  • 2600 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Washington, DC 20037, USA - West End

    This mistimed signal is a danger to pedestrians and an annoyance to drivers.

    The "Walk" signal on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue to 26th Street turns to "Don't Walk" ten seconds too soon. This lures jaywalkers into the intersection just before the traffic signal for northbound cars turns green.

  • 2201 Virginia Ave Nw George Washington University, Washington, DC 20037, USA - Foggy Bottom
    Road sign for no purpose
  • 630 H St. Nw Washington, DC - Downtown
    On the Galley Place platform for the Red Line to Shady Grove, the crush of people from the back of the platform whenever a six-car train arrives creates a safety hazard. Please add appropriate signage (or orange cones, or warning tape, or anything else that works) to direct riders to stand toward the front of the platform at non-rush hour times.
  • Repave needed Archived
    701 3rd St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20001, USA - Downtown
    Ramp from 3rd st NW to 395 tunnel is a never-ending exercise in pothole avoidance. This ramp is long overdue for a repave. The ridges and potholes are huge and can easily bend wheels. Please fix this once and for good.
  • 1300 Block Of Belmont St Nw Washington, DC - Meridian Hill
    this block is full of potholes and loose gravel, much worse than other blocks around, would be great to see it paved
  • 1300 And 1320 Block Of 22nd St Nw Washington, DC - West End
    There is constant use of the alley behind the 1300 and 1320 blocks of 22nd St., NW as a cut-through by westbound traffic on N St. stopped at the light at 22nd St. This stream of typically speeding northbound traffic in the alley cutting around 22nd and N NW intersection results in great difficulty for residents traveling southbound through the alley trying to park at their home. The narrow alley does not allow for two cars to pass and residents must continually back down the alley and out onto O Street to allow for cut-through traffic. This is a dangerous situation. Is it possible to get a "no through traffic" sign, make the alley one-way, or implement some other solution?
  • Insects Archived
    1723 Lamont St Nw Washington, DC - Mount Pleasant
    A large street grate covers one of the city's many underground utilities near the sidewalk. The hole, like many of the city's, is full of standing water and the water is teeming with mosquito larvae. Neighborhood efforts to wipe out mosquitoes will be useless unless the city gets on board. I'm sure this problem is not limited to this hole and this neighborhood.
  • Mt Vernon Trail Arlington, VA 22202, USA - Arlington
    Some type of barrier is needed in 3 locations in the airport area to address the situation where a cyclist riding this unlit path could hit ice, gravel or other obstacle, or simply not be able to see and land in the roadway where the bike path is within 1-3 feet of the highway lanes and not separated by grade.
  • 3408-3418 14th St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20010, USA - Columbia Heights
    Driving to work on Thursday morning, I was surprised to find multiple cars being pulled over on both sides of 14th street by a very rude female traffic officer. It clearly appeared that the MPD traffic officers were pulling as many people over to administer for dubious "violations" in order to fill their quota due to the impending government shutdown. I was fined for a "seat belt regulation" for no reason. I was simply told to pull over and was fined $50. When asked to hand over my registration and proof of insurance, I was told that the printout of the online registration was invalid and that I should be fined $500, despite having an up-to-date and valid registration and insurance policy printout. Currently, USAA emails the insurance policy card. However, I was told this would be a $500 fine. When I asked why I was being fined for a "seat belt regulation" when I in fact had my seat belt on, I was told "Just answer me this, do you want me to fine you $500 in addition?" I felt like I was being treated like an innocent person in a place like Sudan or the Congo, where people are stopped routinely by "officers" for "fines" just to line their pockets. Perhaps I am assuming too much, but when 5 other cars are stopped at the same time during rush hour on a busy street in the midst of a looming government shutdown, the actions of these officers are suspect. Furthermore, their blatantly rude behavior (one officer looking on just laughed at the situation) is appalling.