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  • 203 Alden Avenue New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville

    Doyle's is closing at end of April. It would be excellent to have a deli and grocer open at this location similar to Nica's or Romeo in East Rock.

    Does anybody know someone interested in the opportunity? Please spread the word.

  • 183 241 Alden Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville

    Just a heads up to all. Packages delivered by UPS mostly and sometimes FedEx have been stolen. It happens within minutes after delivery. Suspect someone is trailing the route.

    Also - unsure if same suspect - a suspicious white truck has also been floating around just minutes after UPS. Truck has been seen driving and creeping slow around homes, stopping at porch-sightline and peering onto porches from the vehicle. Driver is older gent with two younger gents in vehicle. Suspicious vehicle has been approached and their explanation has been they were looking for scrap metal ON PRIVATE PROPERTY! Regardless, its an admission of suspicious activity. They shouldnt be peering for any reason.

  • 135-145 West Elm Street New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville

    Westville Quality market persistently uses the sidewalk as a parking lot.

    It would be great if the City could talk to them about the issue and encourage them to put outside seating in its place.

    The use of seating would be much better for the neighborhood and the business.

    If I sound like a whiny East Rock ex-pat screaming for Nica's you've heard right.

  • 273 Alden Avenue New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Look at all the cars parked on the sidewalk at Westville quality market. This is not a driveway it is a sidewalk but cars are driving out into the intersection from the corner. We really need the city's help to stop this.
  • 243 Alden Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Would it be possible to get a big belly solar collector at the Westville quality market. This has started to pop up downtown and it would be excellent in places like this where trash overflows and there's no recycling.
  • Graffiti Archived
    117-145 W Elm St New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    Rather large graffiti "mural" at the Westville Quality Market
  • Specify Archived
    283-311 Alden Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    I understand it is a religious thing, but there is no need to have the church bells be so loud, not even playing a song, but just ringing for minutes straight at 9 in the morning
  • Bike Stolen Archived
    149 W Elm St New Haven, CT - Westville
    8 kids riding through the neighborhood on bikes, the one without a bike knocked my son's friend off of my son's bike and took off with it. ENOUGH ALREADY! I've had two bikes and a scooter stolen in the last four weeks.
  • 139 W Elm St New Haven, CT - Westville

    Westville Quality Market cited for selling alcohol to minors AGAIN!! Last license suspension was September 2006.

    This place also continus to sell a variety of drug paraphernalia. Rolling papers, blunt wrapper and glass tubes for crack smoking all available at this "quality" neighborhood business.

    emough is enough.

  • 173 Alden Ave New Haven, CT 06515, USA - Westville
    8 ATV's and dirt bikes just went flying down Alden. Please stop them!!
  • Alden Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Westville
    Between 1-2PM Fri 8/8/14. Our duplex neighbors saw some packages for us on the front porch. Around 1pm two girls came to their door and tried to get money for something (neighbor checked website and it did not exist). Girls were around 20 years old. Another neighbor on West Elm reported suspicious activity around the same time. Our neighbors went to lunch around 1:30pm and sometime between then and 4:30pm the packages worth about $600 were gone.
  • 230 Alden Ave. New Haven, CT - Westville
    Extremely dangerous as vehicles just plow through the intersection, without stopping, at 30 miles per hour. Multiple deaths will result if this is not addressed. Either traffic calming (e.g. a large median island to prevent passing) should be used, or the bus stop should be moved from the north side of Elm to the South Side of elm, beyond the stop sign.