Monterey Place Housing Authority

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  • 26 Webster Street New Haven, Connecticut - Monterey Place
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    Archived and not repaired- loose again- clatters when driving over
    what happen to this site and the City - is half $%^ throw cold patch at it a fix??? Try repairing things instead of bandaiding them
  • Henry/Ashmun St New Haven, Connecticut - Monterey Place
    Ashmun/henry ST. there is a 3 way stop. There is a stop sign along with a blinking red light. Cars drive right through it, they don't even slow down. this happens all day. The police do park and pull cars. I was on my porch Sunday for 20 minutes and watched over 15 cars go right through it. There is a bus stop right there. I'm not sure what can be done to stop this before somebody gets hurt.
  • Potholes Archived
    63 Webster Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Monterey Place
    Steel plates in the road for the last few months. Time to finish the job.
  • 112 60 Canal St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Monterey Place
    There is a lot of litter in this park, especially on the weekends when inconsiderate host parties and don't dispose of their trash. Please provide more trash cans or more frequent trash removal. Or, better yet, enforce the $100 litter fines.
  • Webster Street New Haven Ct - Monterey Place
    At least 20 lights are out here on Webster and around munson place. Are the light on sidewalk her city lights?
  • 66 Admiral Street New Haven, Connecticut - Monterey Place

    Resident has asked for many years for their sidewalk to be fixed. The sidewalk along the entire stretch of the house is crumbling. I'm logging it here to be added to the City's list.

    Justin Elicker
    Candidate for Mayor

  • Potholes Archived
    Ashmun St And Webster St New Haven, Connecticut - Monterey Place
    A super large pothole has developed at this intersection in very short period of time. This needs to be investigated as possible sink hole due to rapidity of development and large size.
  • dead branches Archived
    300'S Ashmun St New Haven, CT - Monterey Place
    There are a couple of trees along the 300's of Ashmun St. that have branches on them that are dead and parts of them have fallen over the years. There are some big branches that will come down soon
  • 26 Webster Street New Haven, Connecticut - Monterey Place
    Very loose manhole cover- moves/flips when driving over it. All pavement around it appears to have disintegrated. Dangerous if it comes off.
  • snow Removal Archived
    81 Admiral St new haven, CT - Monterey Place
    Admiral St has not been plowed at all. It is unsafe trying to get out the drive way or turn off the street to Dixwell Ave. There is no room to park on street safely with traffic flow.
  • 70 Admiral Street New Haven, CT - Monterey Place
    The manhole on the corner of Admiral St. and Dixwell Ave. is slightly uncovered. The exact position is between the Scantabury Senior building and a residentail home.
  • Francis Hunter Drive New Haven, CT - Monterey Place
    Snow bank plowing is needed.