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  • 1903 Baldwin Rd 08003 - Ashland
    between 4 and 6 pm the traffic thru apple hill section, especially baldwin rd is getting out of hand. With a schhol around the corner and kids out playing it is a prescription for trouble.
  • Haddonfield Berlin Road Cherry Hill, NJ - Ashland
    From I-295 Rt 561 all the way to Gibbsboro, NJ. The road surface is generally lousy, unsafe, bumpy and filled with patches that do little to nothing to resolve in a smooth and safe road.
  • Evesham Road voorhees, NJ - Ashland
    Voorhees' Evesham Road is almost one giant pothole. The word "road" should be removed and replaced with "Trail" or "Ditch".
  • bad potholes Archived
    126 Browning Ln Ashland, NJ 08003 - Ashland
    Numerous potholes on the side of Vitos Pizza-please repair to reduce further worsening.
  • 1701-1747 Berlin Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA - Ashland
    There is a very dangerous road gradient at the junction of haddonfield-berlin road and morris drive which guides the driver to the oncoming lane if you are not very very careful.
  • 1515-1587 Burnt Mill Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA - Ashland
    Various potholes before and after the entrance to the fie station
  • 1449 Berlin Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, USA - Ashland
    EVERYDAY! some 50 cars run red lights at the 295 intersection with county road 561, and it's a dangerous place with no sidewalks, and it's right outside a neighborhood.
  • 419 Browning Ln Ashland, NJ 08003 - Ashland
    There is a house less than 3 feet from the corner making a BLIND TURN - Has been for sale - Buy it and raze it already.
  • 1701 Berlin Road. Cherry Hill Nje - Ashland
    still. a very large pothole on Berlin road in cherry hill nj, approaching the Down;s farm swim club.very dangerous.
  • 52-60 Berlin Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, USA - Ashland
    This is a nice paved sidewalk from Tavistock Condominiums to Haddonfield and is a walk many people enjoy. It is by now however almost completely impossible walking on this sidewalk due to the overgrown trees and bushes. We would all want fewer cars on our local streets, and a good way would be to clear the sidewalks we have so people can start walking,
  • 1186-1198 Berlin Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, USA - Ashland
    Almost every single day, without exaggeration, I see someone run a red light at this intersection. I exit 295 at exit 32 and make a left onto 561, heading towards Voorhees. Drivers heading towards Cherry Hill, on 561, right where the Christmas tree are sold, blatantly run this red light every day.
  • 1611 Berlin Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08003, USA - Ashland
    Pot Hole on Haddonfield-
    Berlin Rd. in Right hand lane btw. Morris and Cranford. I lost a tire there.