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  • 1501 Eckington Pl Ne Washington, DC - Eckington
    Heading south on Eckington Pl NE towards Florida Ave NE, the signage is confusing as to which lane one should be in. If you want to turn right on Florida then immediate turn left on 1st St NE to either stay on 1st or to go West on New York, nobody knows which lane to be in (the signage only refers to going West on Florida or East on New York. Cars trying to turn for either of the other options mentioned above don't know which lane to be in, and several near accidents and a lot of angry honking has occurred (I witnessed some extreme anger between two cars, yelling at each other). The signs (and possibly some pavement markings) need to be improved to help the situation.
  • 1105-1199 1st Street Northeast Washington, DC - Capitol Hill
    The Ibiza nightclub's music is so loud that I can hear it from a block away (and with a large building in the way to block the noise). This has gone on for multiple weekend nights into the early morning. My walls are shaking!
  • 100 New York Ave Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    The traffic Flow at Florida and NY Ave intersection is just terrible. Long long delays. One if the worst intersections in the city. When will this intersection be redesigned to fix the problem?
  • 1-99 G St Ne Washington, DC 20212, USA - Capitol Hill

    There is a crosswalk here (actually, 3, as it's an intersection), and it is HEAVILY used by commuters coming and going from Union Station. Often, drivers don't stop, or do but then drive quickly through crosswalks regardless of whether there is someone in there.

    There either needs to be a stoplight there, or there need to be BIG "Drivers MUST yield to pedestrians" signs.

  • Florida Ave And New York Ave NE, Washington DC, United States - Eckington

    There are few if any signs posted in the surrounding Eckington or Bloomingdale neighborhoods explaining the NEW traffic pattern, including a map. Pedestrians and bikers have limited accessibility to walk or use the sidewalk in order to cross Florida and NY Avenues. There are at least five schools within the 6-10 block radius of the project including McKinley Technology Senior High School and Hyde Public Charter School.

    For this project I would propose that DDOT engage people in the community, including children/community members to create signs that are colorful and stand out so people read them and can highlight access points to the new bike trail that safely connects the community to the New York Ave Metro and Union Station.

  • 110-116 Florida Avenue Northeast Washington, DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    I have seen several cars run the red light by the Wendy's ped crossing on Florida near eckington place. I was almost hit by a van in one instance. There needs to be a red light camera, a flashing light within the existing relight and perhaps a red light installed over the 3 rd lane. Drivers seem to look ahead and see the green arrow at the next intersection and don't see the red light before that for them. Other drivers just turn into the Wendy's without looking for pedestrians. Drivers come out of the Wendy's and cross multiple lanes, also endangering pedestrians. Lastly there should be a no turn on red sign for those turning right onto new York ave from the round about. Drivers routinely turn right when there is an active 2 way street leading to a parking lot on the right.
  • Bicycles Archived
    750 1st St Ne Washington, DC 20002, USA - Capitol Hill
    Cars, delivery trucks, etc. don't respect this section of the bike lane on 1st St NE. There needs to be better enforcement of the bike lane such as police giving tickets. I bike along this stretch of 1st St everyday and it extremely dangerous for cyclists yet I've never seen a police presence here ticketing the many drivers who take regularly park and drive in his bike lane.
  • Bike lane Archived
    1401-1469 1st Street Northeast Washington, DC - Shaw
    There is currently no safe way to ride a bicycle from Union Station via 1st St NE through the New York Ave/Florida Ave intersection. To do it now you wither need to risk life and limb riding with traffic through a confusing and congested intersection or ride the wrong way on the sidewalk, endangering pedestrians. Please address this issue, especially if and when this intersection gets redesigned.
  • Empty Tree Box Acknowledged
    33 N St Ne Washington, DC - Shaw
    Empty tree box needs new tree.
  • 110 Florida Ave Ne Washington D.C., DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    Eastbound on FL it takes forever to get through intersection.
  • 150-198 Florida Ave Ne Washington D.C., DC 20002, USA - Eckington
    This intersection is ridiculous. The new alignments are much worse. Cars block the Bo without penalty. The wait westbound weekday mornings are totally unacceptable. Is anyone in charge of this? Is anyone accountable?
  • New York & Florida Avenue N.E, Washington, District of Columbia - Eckington
    There are a number of issues with the "new" virtual circle. I do not know how long DDOT is going to be out there to direct traffic, but the lights do not seem to be synchronized. When coming off of Eckington going due south facing 1st Street, N.E., it is difficult to get into a lane so that you can proceed down 1st Street, or make a right onto New York Avenue. The pedestrians also do not have a right of way and try to make their way in between the traffic. I hope the community gets an update on these issues with the "circle" from DDOT.