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  • 1725 Long Prairie Rd Allen, TX 75002 - Allen
    NE corner of Country Bend and Long Prairie Road
  • 2018 Wrotham Ln Allen, TX - Kittyhawk
    This morning, we discovered a graffiti saying "Cypert" on the brick wall directly facing opposite of our garage door. It has an image of an egg-like person. Please clean it. It also has a sign of 4 or something like that.
  • pothole Archived
    1450 North Watters Road Allen, Texas - Kittyhawk
    There is a pothole at the north east corner of Watters and Bossy Boots which I hit when making a right turn from Bossy Boots on to Watters
  • 1304 East Main Street Allen, Texas - Allen
    There is tagging on two sides of the building that remains there. It was a gas station but has been vacant for maybe 6 months. Doesn't belong in this city.
  • 743 Whitman Dr Allen, TX 75002, USA - Allen
    There are so many people speeding on Whitman Drive at night after the Adult Baseball Games at Ford Park are over. People sit in their cars in the parking lots and drink beer then speed down Whitman. I have had beer cans thrown on my lawn and have almost been ran over by the folks leaving the park at night.
  • 1815 Childress Ln Allen, TX 75013, USA - Kittyhawk
    Sidewalk section has dropped more than an inch and is a tripping hazard.
  • 905 W Exchange Pkwy Allen, TX 75013, USA - Kittyhawk
    Signs not removed after work was done on Bossy Boots
  • 742 Amhurst Ct. Allen, Texas - Allen
    These people water their lawn every single night. I have sent pictures using the Allen phone app and also called the appropriate number reporting this several times. I reported it every night for two weeks except the two nights a week we are allowed. I would like to have nice grass also but we abide by the rules.
  • 1548 Sunflower Dr Allen, TX 75002, USA - Allen
    There is a pile of tree branches that have not been properly bundled for removal. They are falling into the alley behind the residence. The exact location is 300 S Malone Rd
    Allen, TX 75002.
  • 701 Franklin Ln Allen, TX 75013, USA - Kittyhawk
    Rollins Drive needs speed bumps. Drivers drive too quickly up Rollins from Alma and endanger the children exiting the bus at Rollins/Franklin. Although there are stop signs, many people roll through the stop sign or brake swo late at the stop sign that they couldn't stop if there were children crossing the street.
  • 1611 Rolling Brook Dr Allen, TX - Allen
    There appears to be an abandoned, wrecked pickup truck at 1611 Rolling Brook Dr. The vehicle does not appear to be properly licensed or road worthy. There seems to be ongoing canniblization oftruck for parts.
  • 1423 Luckenbqch Allen, TX - Kittyhawk
    This pot hole is likely to create a serious problem since run of is continuing to erode the earth underneath the concrete. If its not fixed the city could face significant road construction.