New Britain (Roughly)

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  • 72 Stratford Rd New Britain, CT 06053 - New Britain

    1 Hour Parking Signs are needed along Stratford Road. The Central Square Plaza parking is not adequate for patrons of the stores in the plaza.

    This is an ongoing problem.

  • 61 Black Rock Avenue New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Lot is overgrown. Lot has been used in the past as a dumping ground for tree trunks, branches, yard debris and wood chips.
    Portion of embankment has eroded resulting in dirt and rocks covering a portion of a large utility manhole cover that is in the adjacent sidewalk.
  • Drug Sales Archived
    100 West Street New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Large amount of drug activity at this location. Very close to elementary school.
  • huge divot Archived
    93 Cleveland St New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Driveway does not meet road, cars are damaged every time entering or exiting.
  • Intersection Of Stanley St. And Firehouse Lane. - New Britain
    The stop sign on Firehouse Lane was knocked down over a year ago and still has not been replaced despite phone calls to the City.
  • 33-59 Elmfield St West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    Speeding on Elmfield has long been a problem -- it is straight, flat, has only one stop sign, and begs for people to fly. Since the Stop and Shop opened, though, the number (and speed) of cars has increased drastically, as has the number of cars blatantly running the stop sign at Westgate and Elmfield. We need one or more of the following: more stop signs, speed tables, radar signs, speed traps.
  • Black Rock Ave. - East Of Corbin. New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Several property owners between Corbin and Lincoln have not cleared their walks for the last three snowstorms. One hasn't cleared her walk ALL winter! Either enforce the ordinance or get it off the books.
  • Allen Street New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Please force Royal Apartments to clean up their blighted apartment building in New Britain.
  • Elmfield St West Hartford, Connecticut - West Hartford
    There is some very rough road with dips and drops potholes on Elmfield St between Grove St to Westgate St. The road is so uneven and bumpy, it does damage to your car. It's been dug up and then filled back in with inferior work. No one has done anything to repair it at all. I just can't understand why it's left this way.
  • 34 Brown St New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Pavement around the storm drain is collapsing, the drain itself is recessed almost a foot. It makes very difficult and dangerous to get in & out of the driveway. Already had to fix car's oil pan and bumper. Tried to report to City Hall many times... No result.
  • 975 Farmington Avenue New Britain, CT - New Britain
    Many intersections in New Britain do not have the "arrows" painted on the road for lane designations, like the main intersection at Farmington avenue and Alexander road. It is hazardous at times because many "drivers" dont read the signs posted and just use which ever lane they feel like or that is empty.
    I am reposting this because it is apparent that the mayor of N. B. and/or staff DOES monitor this site. I tried contacting public works about the problem and was given another department to call that do not answer their phones.
  • 222-296 Somerset Street West Hartford, CT 06110, USA - West Hartford
    Deep sink hole in middle of road.