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  • 60 Collyer Ave. New City, NY - New City
    Potholes on Collyer ave.
  • 342-346 S Mountain Rd Stony Point, NY 10980, USA - New City
    The entire road is lined with this type of pothole. From Old 304 to Little Tor Rd.
  • 166-200 W Clarkstown Rd New City, NY 10956, USA - New City
    West Clarkstown Road southbound from PIP overpass to New Clarkstown road has potholes the entire length of the roadway.
  • 397-411 W Clarkstown Rd New City, NY 10956, USA - New City
    huge potholes west clarkstown rd opposite Gerrardine place and along the road up to Amherst rd.
  • # 3 - 35 Preakness Lane - New City
    The street hasn't been resurfaced in 15 years. Many small potholes and dips. A bit of patchwork. good luck go slow
  • 16 potholes Archived
    15-27 Preakness Ln New City, NY 10956 - New City
    16 potholes on a street only 3/10 mile long. highway dept came once , filled in a half a hole and left.
  • 16 Queens Rd New City, NY - New City
    Third street
    1- turning into this street from Main St. there are potholes and uneven pavement.
    2- At this same location there is a driveway at the light and when one tries to make a left turn from Third St.onto Main St. cars from the driveway decide they have the Right of Way and accidents are happening when both cars collide.