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  • Route 33/Route 34 Circle Wall Township, NJ - Monmouth County
    The "improved" circle relies on yields that aren't clear enough and aren't followed. This is a deathtrap! Short of major revision, this circle needs blinking yield lights, at least, before someone dies there.
  • 199 New Monmouth Rd Middletown, NJ 07748, USA - Middletown
    This intersection is a dangerous eyesore. A project was started over the summer to widen the roads and change the flow of traffic ( lanes were added). The project was never finished. The area is littered with orange barrels. The additional lanes were never paved and trail off to nowhere. Where is the justification for taking 20 feet off of several front lawns? The left turn signals were never turned on and are covered with black plastic. Above all, there is chaos. Someone is going to get hurt. Fix this mess NOW!
  • Gsp Entrance From Rt35 Keyport, NJ 07735, USA - Keyport
    Merging from RT 35 to the GSP in Keyport is always dangerous. Traffic is always backed up coming over the "blind" hill and there has been numerous rear end accidents b/c of this. A second lane needs to be added to assist the merge of traffic from Rt 36 and 35 to enter the GSP and Clark Street intersections.
  • 629 Aldrich Rd NJ 07731 - Monmouth County
    In Howell, Aldrich Rd. from the Jackson border east up to Aldrich School is a continuous pothole that beats up on your car.
  • major pothole Archived
    Asbury Ave. At Asbury Circle In Twp. Of Ocean - US Congressional District NJ6
    very large pothole, that ruined my tire located at Asbury Ave. and the Asbury Circle still there as of 3/25
  • 2100 Route 66 Neptune NJ - US Congressional District NJ6
    The circle on the border of Asbury and Neptune needs to be fixed. To many rough patches and potholes
  • The circle itself is just a wreck! People are constantly having accident s or darn near getting into one over there. I was once hit by a driver who didnt understand the concept of the circle, and the pot holes and bumps are SO bad I popped two tires on two different occasions! Something HAS to be done!!!
  • Ryan Road Manalapan/Marlboro, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County

    I want Malanapan Police to stop harassing drivers and issuing speeding tickets on Ryan Road. This road has a speed limit 35 mph within boundroes of Marlboro Township, but speed drops to 25 mph immediately after crossing boundry of Manalapan Township. It is the same road and the same area, so why is it ok to drive 35 mph in Marlboro and not ok in Manalapan.
    Does it mean that Manalapan need more money? Well, find another source of income.

  • 200-298 Elmwood Rd Oakhurst, NJ 07755, USA - Oakhurst
    All of Elmwood Road in Oakhurst has been destroyed by the snow plows. When it rains there are large puddles everywhere.
  • New Jersey 33 Tinton Falls, NJ 07753, USA - Tinton Falls
    Series of potholes in the left lane on eastbound 33 near the 66 turn.
  • Chapel Hill Rd An Whipprwhil - Middletown
    2 new rimms and a new tire this winter on the mess on Chapel Hill Rd. in front of Stavola Farm. There's a water leak there for 2 years, ditches in the road, in the winter the road freeze's on the curve. Some kid is going to have a major accident there! Fix It!!!
  • Between Pond Road And Robertsville Rd Freehold - Monmouth County
    Algae fouls the lake. No boating, no fishing and it is getting worse each year. The lake will become a swamp.