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  • Pothole Open
    3100 Moorpark Ave San Jose, CA 95117, USA - West San Jose
    Pothole in left turn lane going to northbound Winchester.
  • 520 S Park Dr San Jose, CA, 95129, USA - West San Jose
    Street light out Pole No. 13F107 at 520 South Park Dr. San Jose. Nearest intersection South Park Dr and Westdale Dr.
  • 1609 Maurice Ln San Jose, CA, 95129, USA - West San Jose
    Lamp Pole 15F151 and 15F150, I think your Dusk to Dawn sensor failed.
  • 1320 Lexington Drive San Jose, California - West San Jose
    Streetlight in front of 1320 Lexington Drive needs replacement. See photo of barely glowing bulb and the resulting darkness on street and surrounding sidewalks. This light is on pole # 14H-327
  • 1320 Lexington Drive San Jose, California - West San Jose
    Streetlight on Lexington nearest cross street Payne Ave
    still out (OK glowing dimly like 25 watt bug light)
    Pole #14H 327
    Reported to city on 11/24/18 online.
    Reference #181124-000050
    It might expedite bulb replacement if others also filed reports of this with the city of San Jose.
  • Quito And Saratoga- Going North On Quito - West San Jose
    When stopped at this light the left turn signal light is located right over the straight through lane causing cars to sometimes go straight when left turn light changes to green and they aren't paying close attention. I've almost been hit a few times.
  • 525 South Winchester Blvd San Jose, CA 95128, USA - West San Jose
    We were parked in the Winchester House parking lot across from the house on Friday July 1st 2010, went on a tour there and while we were touring our silver Dodge Minivan right sliding door window was smashed and several items were stolen, including a JVC HD GYHM100U Pro camcorder, work computer(Dell D600), our kids Nintendo DSi`s and some 20-30 games among credit cards and cash and several other items. This happened in BROAD DAYLIGHT some time after 1220PM when our tour had started. Very disheartening to visit such a nice city and only to learn it is full of creepy lowlife loosers who care nothing about other human beings! (OUR 3 CHILDREN WERE DISTRAUGHT! Way to teach our young kids what society these days is!) Thanks! Amazing that the Century 21 theater employees who were sitting DIRECTLY looking at our vehicle window that was smashed didn`t see or hear anything.....truely amazing.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Albany Dr San Jose, CA 95129, USA - West San Jose
  • 19433-19757 Bollinger Road Cupertino, CA 95014, USA - West San Jose
  • 653 Brentwood Drive San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    and has been for more than 2 weeks
  • Mitty Way Aand Bevans Dr San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    Missing 12 inch steel water/gas? valve cover exposing a 2 foot hole hazardous to peds. cycles. or cars. Location north side of Mitty Way (westerly lane) near the north west corner of Mitty Way and Bevans Dr.
  • 698 Brentwood Drive San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    Street light #13G1 is out. This light is between properties 688 and 698 Brentwood Drive.