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Pete Constant
District 1
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  • 3795–3799 Akron Way San Jose 95117, United States - West San Jose
    Someone left their furniture on side of street. Has been here for about 2 weeks now
  • 1107 Roewill Drive San Jose Ca 95117 - West San Jose
    all but one of the street lights are out on this block.
  • 5297 Northlawn Drive San Jose, California - West San Jose
    I have been trying to get this issue resolved for the last three months and have left several messages for Tamy at 408-794-1903. I have not heard back from her so I have no idea what the status of this issue is. Story is... three months ago, there was an accident at this corner and a car brought down the street light pole completely. The pole was taken away and because of that, I don't have the pole number. But I have provided the two pole numbers on either sides of this broken one. They are: 15204 and 16F215. This missing street light is a major safety issue for this corner as it becomes pitch-dark on this side at night. I would appreciate it if this issue can be resolved asap as I believe it shouldn't take three months to fix. Thanks.
  • 1514 Constanso Way San Jose, California - West San Jose

    First Name: Andy
    Last Name: Tonguyen
    city: san jose
    county: santa clara
    contact phone: (408) 497-1438
    Street Light Information #1
    pole light number: 15F74
    location of street light: between 1514 constanso way and 1522 constanso way
    light info: on a metal pole, on top of a post

    please contact the customer. This streetlight is not PG&E owned and it is not in our service/billing department. The city can add this streetlight to their account. By contacting 877-743-7782 to start service.

    Thank you,
    Streetlight Maintenance Department

  • 1167 Lockhaven Way San Jose, CA, 95129, USA - West San Jose
  • 5112 Westmont Ave San Jose, California - West San Jose

    2 street lights on Westmont Ave (closest cross street Kingston) have been out since late 2015/early 2016.

    - 16x181 (x has been piled off). There’s also a number 9581 on the pole – Located on Westmont Ave across from Kinsgton Rd
    - 17G29 – Located on Westmont Ave near San Tomas Aquinas Creek