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  • 23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Blue Hills
  • 67 Dart St. Hartford, CT - Behind The Rocks
    Shed with chickens and other animals. Smell drifts through the neighborhood.
  • 51-99 Curcombe Street Hartford, Connecticut - Sheldon Charter Oak
    The parking lot at Curcombe St and Hendricxsen Ave cannot be accessed due to a large pile of gravel blocking the entrance. The lot itself is also not ready for parked cars. The sports teams who pay to use Colt Park are dependent upon this lot for parking and the season has begun. This lot needs to be cleared immediately and the entrances made accessible again.
  • 23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Blue Hills
    Drug House drug Dealing back door
  • Drug House Archived
    23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Blue Hills
    Drug dealing back door of house
  • 524 Farmington Ave Hartford, CT 06105 - West End
    Pedestrians don't know where to cross the street on this stretch of Farmington between Whitney and Sisson, but it's an extremely active pedestrian area. The traffic lights are not synchronized, so it's not as though there is ever a good time to cross. Crosswalks are needed at either Kenyon, Evergreen, Girard or all three to help direct pedestrians to a common place to cross, and also help slow the auto traffic. The way it is now, pedestrians cross willy-nilly all up and down the stretch of road, often having to run.
  • Drug activity Archived
    23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Behind The Rocks
    Drugs activity
  • 23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Blue Hills
    Veronica Pena and Officer Rutkauski please help. This issue has been reported for 6 months. To the Hartford Police Department.
    No arrest or visit to the house or block.
  • Drugs selling Archived
    23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Blue Hills
    Are drugs legal to sell in Hartford CT.
    This house has been reported to the police for 6 months. No arrest or visit to the house. or block.
  • 700 Capitol Ave And Highway 84 Overpass near Forest St - Frog Hollow
    There is an illegal trash dumping site under highway 84 and Capitol Ave near Forest St. in Hartford Ct. There are old toilets, tires, construction debris and mattreses. The City of Hartford and the DOT refuse to acknowledge their resposibility to cleaning up this unsitely safety hazard. This area is very close to Hartford High School and is traveled by students. It is also a disturbng eye sore as you enter into the Capitol City. This is the imagine that most people see as they enter and leave into Hartford. The lasting imagine.
    This area is on Capitol Ave under the highway near Hartford HS. This area is extremely dangerous due to uneven spaling concrete sidewalks, no lighting, collaping fences and rats.
  • 50-60 Trumbull St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    This is pretty much THE pedestrian gateway between the CBD and Bushnell Park. Like other heavily walked intersections in the city, this one needs an "ALL WALK" in the rotation. Instead you get stuck on a median!
    I tried emailing Raj Mathur in the Engineering Department regarding this matter directly, but got no response so re opening.
  • 25 Brunswick St. Hartford, CT - South End
    ATV'S and pocket rockets being driven on Brunswick St. and surrounding area. They are located at 25 Brunswick St.