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  • 764 Park St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow

    The gymnasium part of St. Anne's has a fresh batch of graffiti on the side facing Park Street. There has long been some on it, but in recent days a significant more has been added. It's not the type of work that remotely fits into the category of art and should probably be removed.

    Somewhat related -- the gymnasium part of the building is somewhat of an eyesore, as there is just this swath of bleak concrete. Maybe the church could add some planters filled with flowers and plants to this side. It'd make the building look less vacant and probably less appealing as a target for vandals.

    update: as of January 2011 the graffiti is still present

  • 251 Franklin Ave Hartford, Connecticut - Barry Square
    Live rooster living at 251 franklin ave.
  • 193-219 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West
    School Crossing sign has graffitti.
  • 23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Blue Hills
    Drugs sold at back door of house
  • Barking Dog Archived
    164 White Street Hartford, CT - South West
    Dog tied up on leash in back yard is left outside just about every day all day and barks nonstop.
  • 52 Prospect St Hartford, CT 06103 - Downtown
    Prospect Street between Central Row and Grove is one way going south 6:00 AM until 9:00. Vehicles do a left turn on red onto Grove Street. Very dangerous as north bound vehicles on Prospect need to make right turn and are often cut off by those making a left turn on red.
  • Russ St Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    People in cars openly exchanging drugs/money with men on the sidewalk. Open air dealing shows lack of police presence or fear of police action.
  • Other Archived
    380 Linnmoore St Hartford, Ct - South West
    Tenants moved out and owner has not kept up with the front yard. Makes the neighborhood look bad, the picture speaks for itself
  • Farmington Ave hartford , CT - Asylum Hill
    pot holes every few feet, and "repaired " road make it worse. Farmington ave is like a war zone, and I'm sure it's incredibly detrimental to all drivers cars. when repairs are made, to gas lines, sewer, man holes etc, it's incredibly unlevel, and I can feel my wallet getting lighter because I don't have 4 wheel drive, and you'd need it to regularly drive this street. I've gone through shocks, struts, breaks and tires in the last year.
  • Intersections Of Barker St & Franklin Av + Barker St & Wetherfiels Av Hartford, CT - South End
    Cars parked Illegally on both corners making entry from Franklin or Wethersfield Ave impassable to two-way traffic especially in the morning. I know this is a police issue, but I've called several times and nothing has been done. Also the entire street from Franklin to Wethersfield is full of trash.
  • 1150-1258 Park St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow
    The grass is so high the city may need a herd of cows to cut it. Never been cut all year so far. Pope Park is a mess but noticed today the city has started to cut the grass at the entrance, but why leave the grass where its been cut? We also noticed along the sidewalk going south in the park to the new playground waist high grass. This is where folks like to sit to watch games being played. No one wants ticks! I know that it this was my property I would get a citation from the city. Are those who make the laws above the law?
  • Drug dealing Archived
    23 East Euclid Street hartford, CT - Blue Hills
    A lot of foot traffic, back door of 23 East Euclid Street.