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  • 306 Homestead Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - Upper Albany
    The red light while sitting at the Homestead Avenue and Woodland Street intersection on Homestead Avenue while traveling East is way too long. This seems to be a recent change. While the light is stopping easterly traveling traffic there is usually a line of cars waiting about 30+ long (commuting morning traffic entering Hartford) While you wait at the red light the green light allowing traffic to proceed along Woodland Street is excessively so long that a few cars travel through and the rest of the duration, no one travels through, and turns it into an empty intersection while dozens of cars are waiting to go through on Homestead. So you sit on Homestead for about three red lights and wait and watch an empty intersection while hardly anyone travels through the green light on Woodland Street. Why does the traffic light stop the heavily traveled direction on Homestead, allow a green light on Homestead so short that only about 5 cars gets through to allow a green light on Woodland that stays green so long and hardly anyone travels through in comparison? What changed? This was not a problem last year. An empty intersection while there are dozens of cars waiting to get through and having to sit out three red lights to proceed is not an efficient use of our roads and a terrible frustration to those that have to wait each morning for no reason to get through.
  • 228 Washington St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - South Green
    Broken Hydrant corner of Jefferson & Broad Street
  • 184 Ward Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow
    Dead Cat on sidewalk next to Zion Hill Cemetery. Been there for probably about two weeks.
  • 29 Wolcott St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow
  • 52-74 Woodland St Hartford, CT 06105, USA - Asylum Hill
    Missing street sign no parking