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  • Pratt St Hartford, CT - Downtown
    There is no bike parking on Pratt Street, even though its our city's most dense street. Let's not add just one bike rack, but a whole stable of racks so that more people will want to bike to the shops and restaurants on Pratt. New Haven just added a bike corral, let's do it too.
  • 189 Putnam St Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    Early this afternoon an out-of-control Acura crashed into (and destroyed) a fire hydrant at the corner of Putnam and Russ-- right in front of Burns elementary school. They've towed away the car but a big puddle of motor oil remains in the gutter as of 1:50 PM.
  • Noisy bird Archived
    2-98 Central Row Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown

    Some kind of bird atop either the Old State House or an adjacent building spends several hours each afternoon squawking VERY loudly. It's nice to have wildlife coexisting with humanity and all that, but this is a bit much. I can hear the %#$@ thing clearly inside my office a block away.

    If it isn't an endangered species, can Animal Control kindly remove this territorial critter to a better habitat?

  • Dog poop Acknowledged
    Grandview Terrace Hartford, Connecticut - Barry Square
    Dog owners should be reminded that they should pickup after their dogs after they poop. it is a city ordinance that they have to obey . it is nasty and needs to do something about this .plus these people also do not have their dogs warden should do his job.not just getting a paycheck from the city which is our tax dollars.when we call their office they do not answer the phone as if they were really busy . like doing what ? useless department .wasting our tax dollars doing nothing.
  • 280 Tower Avenue Hartford, CT, USA - North East
    I was astonished to see that large items like mattresses, as well as toilet bowls and bags of garbage, lined the roadway that runs through the park. These items are very visible and should be removed.
  • 1150-1258 Park St Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Frog Hollow
    The grass is so high the city may need a herd of cows to cut it. Never been cut all year so far. Pope Park is a mess but noticed today the city has started to cut the grass at the entrance, but why leave the grass where its been cut? We also noticed along the sidewalk going south in the park to the new playground waist high grass. This is where folks like to sit to watch games being played. No one wants ticks! I know that it this was my property I would get a citation from the city. Are those who make the laws above the law?
  • New Tree Archived
    83 Girard Ave Hartford, CT - West End
    We'd like a new tree planted in the tree belt where the stump was removed.
  • Drug dealing Archived
    23 East Euclid Street hartford, CT - Blue Hills
    A lot of foot traffic, back door of 23 East Euclid Street.
  • 173 Wilson St Hartford, CT 06106 - Behind The Rocks
  • Intersections Of Barker St & Franklin Av + Barker St & Wetherfiels Av Hartford, CT - South End
    Cars parked Illegally on both corners making entry from Franklin or Wethersfield Ave impassable to two-way traffic especially in the morning. I know this is a police issue, but I've called several times and nothing has been done. Also the entire street from Franklin to Wethersfield is full of trash.
  • Pothole Archived
    Columbus Blvd Hartford - Downtown
  • 201-265 Highway 2 Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    There is a series of large potholes that are difficult to maneuver around coming from the Founder's Bridge onto Columbus.