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  • DRUG HOUSE Archived
    23 East Euclid Street Hartford, CT - Blue Hills
  • 298 Capitol Ave Hartford, CT 06106 - Downtown
    It would be really useful to have lower speed limits elsewhere in Hartford. How come Legislators' lives are worth more than the lives of our children and elderly folks? Please change speed limits of all residential streets in Hartford to 10-15MPH in order to save lives and make it possible for residents to walk around their own neighborhoods safely.
  • 300 Columbus Boulevard Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    at the exit and the entrance of Founders Bridge(Rt2) where it meets Columbus Blvd, there a many large and deep pot holes. This needs to be address they have been there for nearly a year and are only getting worse.
  • Hawthorn Street Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill

    Several non-standard grates with long slots in the direction of traffic flow were installed into replacement storm drains.

    Just waiting for an unsuspecting cyclist to get a front wheel caught and break their neck. There are standards in place for a reason. Whoever the contractor is, doesn't know what they are doing if they don't know the standards.

  • Dumped trash Archived
    23 Masseek St Hartford, CT - Sheldon Charter Oak

    Dumped trash on vacant lot. Contains numerous items that identify trash property of Jose Castillo & family, 258 South St., Hartford

    Walked by 2/20/10 - bags gone but not the rest of the trash.. and the bags by the east entrance to Colt Park are still there as well.

  • Bushnell Park Hartford, CT - Downtown
    There is black graffiti on the art installation that is in the pond
  • Homestead Ave Hartford CT (North End) 06105 - Upper Albany
    Homestead Ave is filled with potholes. You can get car sick driving on this busy street. Where are all of our tax money going to if we can't even have smooth streets to drive on?
  • 390 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT - Frog Hollow
    Overgrown weeds and litter. Building vacant and draging down the neighborhood. Help please!
  • Whitman Court Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Whitman court needs plowing. Despite parking ban, plow only did middle of road. Cars parking in snow on side of street makes it almost impassable.
  • 137 Beacon Street Hartford, CT - West End
    Fence falling down and front porch in extreme disrepair. First reported a few months ago and no action taken yet.
  • 2-32 Morgan Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    at this intersection of Morgan & Trumbull (heading west), there are four lanes of travel. midway down the block, there is a sign indicating that the leftmost lane is for turning left onto Trumbull (towards the Hilton), the left middle lane heads onto the I84 entrance ramp, the right middle lane goes onto Chapel St North, and the rightmost lane can either go onto Chapel St North or turn right onto Trumbull.
    The PROBLEM is that 99% of the time the people in the leftmost lane do not turn left, but head straight onto the entrance ramp (it is directly across from this lane of travel), creating two lanes heading into the same one lane. I have almost died here numerous times. It is extremely dangerous to be in the CORRECT lane because you have to anticipate the car to your left is going to head straight even tho they should be turning.
    The SOLUTION is to put another sign AT THE INTERSECTION informing the left-laners that they must turn left, or paint the directional arrows right onto the pavement so people know the left lane is turn only.
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    159 Babcock Street hartford, ct - Frog Hollow
    This property is being neglected (again). Sidewalk and front yard covered with litter. Needs a Spring cleanup!