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  • Farmington Ave Hartford, CT - West End
    There are numerous pot holes, sunken pavement and unfinished repairs between Sisson Ave and at Woodland Street in the Eastbound lane.
  • 15-17 Townley Street Hartford, CT - Asylum Hill
    15-17 Townley Street has passed owners many times and has now sat vacant for 3 years. I think this building would be a great project for NINA and would brighten our neighborhood up if it was rehabbed. It is dangerous as children go in the yard as a shortcut to school. This was recently featured on the news. I hope this coverage gets the attention to have this issue resolved.
  • 30 Nepaug Street Hartford, CT - South West
    Occupant of 30 Nepaug St. selling frozen ice cups from the window of her side porch. Property borders Batchelder elementary school. Neighborhood children lined-up in the side yard, near the rear window of side porch, pay 25-cents per cup. There are 2 pit bulls barking in each of two side windows. This occupant previously had a pit bull bite a neighborhood child and the dog was subsequently put down. Some neighborhood children now afraid to approach the house.
  • 60 Elm St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Need "stop for pedestrians" signs in crosswalks aroun Pulaski Circle, specifically on elm and Hudson. People coming off the circle treat those roads like runways and there are often people with children and dogs crossing to and from bushnell park
  • Sargeant St. Hartford, Connecticut - Asylum Hill
    Ever since you removed the road block from the corner of sergeant and woodland street cars and motorcyles use this street to drag race. I've called and my neighbors have spoken to the police on several occasions about our concerns. They have given tickets but it has not solved the problem. I would like to work with you and the Htfd PD to effectively solve the problem. We all have several young children living in our homes and they aren't safe to play in their own yards!!!
  • Zoning Archived
    100 Stone St Hartford, Connecticut - Behind The Rocks
    property owner running used care lot and repair out of his house.
    has numerous unregistered vehicles on property and parks them with for sale signs all over stone and dart st this is a residential only r7 neighborhood. also what is he doing with he oil and other fluid removed from the cars ?? reported this via phone 5/30/14 case # 52414 NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT YET called today and was told they no idea why this has not even been acknowleged
  • 699-727 Main St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    This sidewalk hasnt been cleared since before the first storm. I reported this many days ago but cannot find the issue so I am resubmitting in case it didn't go through. This is a well traveled stretch of street as well as a major bus stop. Whether the church or city is responsible needs to be established and someone needs to keep this area safe for pedeatrians.
  • Zoning Archived
    866-868 Park Street Hartford, Connecticut - Frog Hollow

    It appears that a chop shop is being run out the back of 866-868 Park Street. Backyard is littered with bicycle parts and a stolen bike was reportedly sold out front.

    This is both a police and a zoning issue.

  • Speeding Archived
    Putnam Street - Frog Hollow
    School Zone speed limit is never enforced. There are many speeding cars on Putnam Street. Having a few speed bumps and some police presence when the Burns School is in session would help to alleviate this.
  • 222 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114 - South West
    Cars waiting at intersection traffic light ( Fairfield Avenue and White Street) generate extremely loud noise from their radios.
  • 1161 Main Street - Downtown
    Building needs to be torn down -
  • Barking Dog Archived
    164 White Street Hartford, CT - South West
    Dog tied up on leash in back yard is left outside just about every day all day and barks nonstop.