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  • 859 New Britain Ave Hartford, CT 06106, USA - South West
    There are 2 light poles out and that corner is always dark.
  • Oxford Street Hartford, CT - West End
    The trash cans on the east side of Oxford Street between Farmington and Cone were supposed to be picked up on Thursday, 9/17. After two calls to Hartford 311 on Friday and Sunday, here we are Monday afternoon and the cans still haven't been picked up. It would be great if someone would take action before Thursday rolls around again and we the residents have nowhere to put this week's garbage.
  • 40-44 Woodland St Hartford, CT 06105, USA - Asylum Hill
    Street pole Light out
  • Farmington Ave & S Whitney St Hartford, Connecticut - West End
    There is a huge pothole at the end of the street South Whitney and Farmington. It is DEEP and needs to be filled. It's ruining cars everyday.
  • Albany Ave Hartford Connecticut - Clay Arsenal
    Construction site of Albany Avenue Cross the street from the Wilson grey YMCA they haven't been there but if not properly closed off so a safety issue for the people Nothing over the fence while working
  • Albany Avenue In Hartford Ct - Upper Albany
    On Albany Avenue Corner of Garden St Needs Traffic Cameras Way To many Speeding Vehicles in that area and Don't Stop for People crossing the street
  • Albany Avenue Corner Of Garden St Hartford Connecticut - Clay Arsenal
    I think if Speed Bump or something their is way to many Speeding Vehicles in this area way to many car accident including people getting hit by a car this area here Albany Avenue Corner of Garden St is worst with speeding vehicles
  • 51-53 Brook St Hartford Ct - Clay Arsenal
  • Albany Ave Hartford Connecticut - Upper Albany
    Need to get officers patrol area of walnut at night also Bedford Street And Garden St Lot of Speeding Vehicle that speeding in these area along with Lot of Action also on Brook Street Need sideways repair also Lot of kids playing on Brook Street they Speeding down Brook Street something about these their is way to many Speeding Vehicles and way to many car accident in these area
  • 415 Albany Ave Hartford, Connecticut - Clay Arsenal
    Cross the street from the Wilson-Grey YMCA on Albany Avenue in Hartford there has been construction going on however when they done it is Not properly Closed off anyone can walk through there also while they are working nothing over the fence it is blowing all the air
  • 300 Windsor Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Most of the Windsor Street lights from Dunkiin Donuts Park, north to the railroad overpass are out.
  • 1 49 Myrtle St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Capitol West Building- Should be torn down-has been an eyesore for years