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  • 2931 Chamberlayne Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Traffic light at this intersection is cycling out in three seconds for traffic entering this cross section via the Brooklandpark Blvd. Drivers sitting at the lights on Brooklandpark Blvd. are having to rush, bumper to bumper to get 3 cars through the light, while traffic on Chamberlayne have up to three minutes.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    2815 Hanes Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    A pothole has formed since the replacement of a watermain directly beneath it that was repaired at the start of winter storm Jonas in the alley behind 2815 Hanes Avenue. Multiple reports to DPU have been attempted through SCF and multiple attempts at phone calls (none of them have EVER been answered after 20-30 minutes on hold.) All SCF tickets have been closed and the pothole has gotten larger since all previous reports. The pothole makes the alley hard to pass by cars with a very low clearance and it retains water which will begin to harbor mosquitoes in the coming months. Please fix ASAP.
  • Potholes in alley Acknowledged
    2806 Garland Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    The alley between Garland Avenue and Hanes Avenue is deteriorating badly. It's riddled with 3" to 8" deep potholes throughout. There have been several requests for alley maintenance dating back into 2014 and nthing has been done, it's almost impossible to drive through. Each rain makes it worse and Emergency and First Responders will have serious difficulty should there be a fire, health issue or police response needed. Just have someone from the City drive through it and you'll see. Please please please make this alley a priority and have it regraded and graveled. Thank you!
  • 3000 Chamberlayne Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    The timing of the traffic signal going in either direction on Brookland Pkwy needs to be reexamined for higher traffic volumes. Currently only three cars can successfully pass during rush hour. Many people run this light as a result.
  • 2913-2915 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    Maintenance work processed on gas lines/meters in the summer of 2010 - workers equipment has destroyed the curbside. Erosion is occurring down into the roadway - storm water drains are being blocked. Requesting curbs be restructured.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2726-2798 Montrose Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    Graffiti in Battery Park--on the other side of the pool on the sewer pad.
  • 2915 Fendall Ave Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    I have reported this issue to the police department Sector 412 Chris Gleason, who forwarded to Robert Capocelli, who was suppose to look into the issue. That was Feb 13th, door is now wide open. Picture is from 2/28/2015
  • Other Archived
    649-699 W Essex St Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Northern Barton Heights
    Neither storm drain at the corner of Moss Side Ave and Essex Street are working. Each time it rains nearly a foot of water is standing.
  • 2904 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    House was posted with a red sticker on Thursday July 21,2011. Uninhabitable - One unit no water/electricity. Another unit ceiling falling in. Three apts. - six tenants are still dwelling in units. Four have health issues - 3 of which are breathing. Juvenile tenant of lower unit has just scrapped off the sticker from the window. Cnclmn Hilbert is aware of the problem as is the landlord/owner. Something needs to be NOW
  • Battery Park Archived
    400-598 Overbrook Rd Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    The grass in the park is extremely high, over 2 feet in places. The park looks extremely unkempt and I wanted to know when it will be mowed.
  • 2813hanes Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Alleyway non-passable or enterable depending on type of car due to multiple LARGE potholes. Also potholes are filling with water and they will soon become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects and pests.
  • 2909 Barton Avenue Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    Tree on the south side of the property is dead. Large limb fell on the adjacent property, 2907 Barton Ave., during the last strong. Dominion Va. Power had to restore power. Requesting the owner of the property address the issue and have the tree removed. Tenants are not concerned.